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Toilet Paper for New Year

Is this amazing at Amazon Japan or what? The kids are laughing at my suggestions here ---- but would you buy this for the season? Why not! I love it! You have got to get into the season with the spirit. I will be getting my festive…

Oshougatsu Kazari

Beautiful! Amazon Japan has this gold decoration to stop the bad things happening in the new year! Hamaya no Hatsuzekku A relative bought one of these a few years ago for our house - lucky!! Amazon Japan


First of January 2010 is coming shortly. Have you got your otoshidama envelope at the ready? I sort of liked this choice - the ultraman envelopes!! These were the kind I organised a few years back for the little boys.... now they are…

New Year Decoration

At our house during December, we have a combination of Christmas and New Year decorations. It makes for a very festive and multicultural household. Have you got things ready for the new year?