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    After the snow we had in Tokyo last Monday, you might be tempted to stock up on some goods at the Conbini and stay at home with “Nama-cha Panda” instead. Matcha and Matcha Latte. It’s tasty. Have a break with coffee. [...]
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    One Piece Chopper from the series ONE PIECE a long running manga series is a popular character. But I am trying to work out from the picture and writing what is so special about this one? Has anyone bought this item? Can you let me [...]
  • Following up on yesterday’s Conbini Monday article which showed a number of One Piece, I went back for a more detailed look at the campaign and to find out a bit more information about other upcoming One Piece events. This is a [...]
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    There looks to be a new promotional theme at Lawsons. Rilakkuma was missing and the popular anime “One Piece” have taken over the store. You can see in the following photos quite a few different products and tie-ups with [...]
  • Savings, Piggy banks, Chokin, money boxes …. they are all a great way to help teach your kids the disciplines of money!! These special cool picks are a wonderful way of saving and teaching counting at the same time. Which one is [...]
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    This is one popular hat in our house! Have you got a one piece hat? You might have known I would find it on Amazon. Good price too. I am providing the wiki link to the One Piece plot explanation as I am sure readers already are [...]
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