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    Before the heat of the summer arrived, I went out for a game of night golf in Chiba with some friends. The course was about 1 hours drive from the center of Tokyo and had excellent lighting for night golf. The cool breezes coming over [...]
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    On the last night of my trip to Yokohama I decided to brave the cold and take some pictures of the night lights. I didn't get much further than the bottom of the hotel complex, but was able to capture some of the different colors on [...]
  • The Rainbow Bridge can be a great sight at night looking from Odaiba back towards the skyline of Tokyo.
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    I took a test photo with my camera to see what could be achieved before heading down to the highway and catching some better scenery. Now that it the air is colder at night, the street lights seem to shine brighter and images are [...]
  • With the cold weather, the Sakura have taken a while to come out. Most years we tend to have one day which is really warm and the Sakura bloom quickly only to be washed away a few days later by the rain. This year, we haven’t had [...]
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