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    Tsutaya is the largest rental DVD, CD, Game and book store in Japan. With over 1,000 stores and 20 million customers, they have established themselves as leaders in their field. Recently, Tsutaya, Culture Convenience Club (CCC), have [...]
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    Kimura Kaela has a new album out tomorrow and the posters are already up in Shibuya to promote it. As popular as ever, Kimura Kaela is taking Shibuya by storm, appearing on the main digital billboards as well as the Shibuya Station [...]
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    The koto is an instrument that I love. I was first introduced to it in 1985 as an exchange student. The Japanese school teachers dressed me in kimono and shown how to pluck the strings of the koto. It was a lot of fun because I got so [...]
  • I came across their dance scene in Yoyogi Park when out for a walk on New Years Day. It looked like they were making some sort of cosplay dance movie or maybe rehearsing for one. The rhythm beat was quite catchy. My niece who was with [...]
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    For those who love the guitar, I couldn’t resist showcasing this product on Amazon Japan Cool Picks today. Is this product ‘only in Japan’ or can you buy this cool guitar on other Amazon sites I wonder? Let me know if [...]
  • The movie for Nodame Cantabile comes out on December 19, 2009. This popular anime, book and drama series created a boom for classical music in Japan and saw a number of live concerts take place that were quickly sold out. The movie is [...]
  • Check out the great Japan products at JapanHabit shop iRiver is selling a limited edition MP3 player in the shape of Hello Kitty, decorated with Swarovski crystals. There are limit of 200 units being sold and the price is YEN 13,800. [...]
  • If you have been following the Shibuya Streets series you will have seen quite a few of the advertising trucks in the shots. This week we are taking a look at a few more rolling billboards at Shibuya Streets. Here comes the Happy Mail [...]
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    A new album is out by Kimura Kaela and it looks like she can afford to splash advertising all over Shibuya station. Due out today the album is called ‘Hocus Pocus’. Kimura Kaela is hugely popular in Japan. She was born to a [...]
  • I saw some interesting transportation on the roads today while out and thought it might be worth sharing. I don’t know where this guy normally rides, but the terrain of the Shibuya streets is not that rough. There are always lots [...]
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    A nice change from the rain today as the sun comes out in force. Plenty of people on the street and a new campaign ad up at 109 for the music artist JUJU. What’s Love JUJU ? The 109 building is a popular place for billboard [...]
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