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    Have you seen the new Alice In Wonderland film? This figure will be released shortly and I feel is a real credit to the recent production as well as the original characterisation of the Hatter by Lewis Carol. Which character in Alice [...]
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    While on the subject of new movies, I have seen the marketing posters up for the Alice in Wonderland movie. I love the way they have made up the White and Red Queen. I can’t wait to see this movie. Anybody a Lewis Carol fan? [...]
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    My son went to see the Avatar movie the other day. Has anyone else seen it? What did you think? My son loved it!! Group of mates, the 3D glasses, the large popcorn, blue candyfloss and coke slurpee drink and he was set! He told me it [...]
  • Michael Moore was in Shibuya today filming with what looked like the NHK film crew. I was just passing through and saw him as they were filming near Hachiko and Center-gai. I didn’t want to get in the way of the filming so here [...]
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    I was looking out of my window at lunch time and saw this police car stopped behind another car with people milling around. At first I thought we might have another scoop like the Sakai Noriko arrest or something. On closer inspection [...]
  • The movie for Nodame Cantabile comes out on December 19, 2009. This popular anime, book and drama series created a boom for classical music in Japan and saw a number of live concerts take place that were quickly sold out. The movie is [...]
  • Looks like the train advertising is really catching on with many companies. Here is some colorful advertising for the new macross movie featured on the Yamanote Line, and a quick refresh on previous ads. For those not familiar with the [...]
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    Promotion at the bottom of Mark City in Shibuya this afternoon for the movie, Killer Virgin Road. Anyone thinking of going to see this movie? I haven’t heard much about it. Not sure it looks like a romantic comedy! More [...]
  • When asked by your friends ‘How did he propose to you?’, imagine if you could say that your husband rented out an entire movie cinema, featuring a special DVD of your own dating memories before getting up on stage and [...]
  • Whilst it sounds like an obvious question there is no real good answer for “When is Spring?”. Traditionally we might look at crop cycles or blooming of new flower plants to define the changing seasons or other such events. [...]
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