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    Ninnaji (仁和寺) is a temple in Kyoto listed as a World Heritage Site. It is the head temple of the Omuro School of the Shingon sect of Buddhism and was founded in 888. As well as its religious hitory and background it is also famous for [...]
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    A leisurely walk past the Kyoto Imperial Palace (京都御所) inside the Kyoto Gyoen.
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    Another photo I took of the Kamogawa river area with Sakura here. This was a really nice afternoon walk with good weather and great atmosphere on the river bank.
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    As the Sakura season is finishing for another year, I took some shots on the weekend taking advantage of the good weather. Where did you enjoy the Sakura this year?
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    Daitokuji Temple is located in the North part of Kyoto City near Kinkakuji and was founded in 1315. It covers a large area and operates over 20 sub-temples within it. It is a working Temple and you can practice Zazen training on the [...]
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    Thought it was interesting to see the postman rush down on his bike through the Temple to deliver the mail.
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    I have been in Kyoto and was enjoying some very nice food both at lunch and dinner time. One of my favorite restaurants here is called Mumokuteki. The food is all organic, looks delicious and is very tasty. Zakkokumai or Zakkoku rice [...]
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    Ishiyama Temple (石山寺) in Shiga Prefecture, said to have been constructed around 762, is the place where Murasaki Shikibu began writing The Tale of Genji, a well known Japanese literature piece. The Temple can be reached easily from [...]
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    The Kamo river (kamogawa) runs through Kyoto, historically providing an important water supply, but also now allowing people to relax and enjoy nature whilst still being in the heart of the city. It is said the rivers course was [...]
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    I visited Kyoto recently and dropped in on Kyokaori Company where they have been very creative and turned some kimono obi’s into brilliantly colorful and unique iPad Cases. Imagine turning up to a meeting with your iPad dressed [...]
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    Last year at the end of summer I visited to Suzumushi Temple in Arashiyama, Kyoto and also to Ishiyama Temple which is nearby, but in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, an area well known for Lake Biwa. I have more photos from Ishiyama [...]
  • Today was the annual Hoshi Matsuri at the Agon Shu Temple in Kyoto. I was surprised to see it being broadcast on so many different television stations live, including the BBC. Were you watching in your part of the world? The Hoshi [...]
  • I visited Suzumushi Temple in Arashiyama, Kyoto in Summer and enjoyed the speech given by the monks there. It was not a large Temple and the grounds were not extensive, but many people were queued up to get inside and the monks [...]
  • A beautiful sunny day in Arashiyama by the water. Arashiyama is a great place to take a day trip from central Kyoto and enjoy the mountains and Temples in the area. On the weekend many families are out walking along the river.
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    Nijo Castle (Nijojo) in Kyoto is a great place to visit in any season. The gardens are perfect for a peaceful walk, and the Ninomaru Palace in the grounds is well worth seeing and hearing the guides explanation of historical life at [...]
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    Kodaiji Temple (高台寺) established in Kyoto in 1606 is a beautiful Temple located near Yasaka Hokanji Temple. I visited Kodaiji in the evening when it was lit up and enjoyed seeing the gardens in a different way to normal.
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    With such a great train culture, there are also some interesting stations to visit in Japan. Tokyo Station still has some of the red brick buildings left, but here at Kyoto Station, you can see modern Japanese breezy station building [...]
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    Merry Xmas to all of the shibuya246 readers. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Season. This is the tree at the Westin Hotel in Kyoto, where I attended a conference.
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    It is always nice to climb the many towers that Japan has in each city and check out the view. I had some spare time when visiting Kyoto before catching the Shinkansen home and decided to take some photos of the sunset from Kyoto [...]
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    Although the Autumn colors had almost fallen away from the trees, I took a short trip to Arashiyama, Kyoto. Arashiyama is a great place to visit to see some of Japan’s old style temples and beautiful country scenery. On the list [...]
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    Sometimes the simple things are the best. These 2 origami cranes I captured a while ago whilst staying in Kyoto always make me smile when I look at them. What is your favorite origami? Origami on wikipedia
  • Jishu Shrine is located in the Kiyomizu Temple area of Kyoto. It is a Shrine for those praying for good fortune in love. There are a number of good luck charms that can be bought here to help you find your best partner.
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    There are 2 sets of gardens at Ryoanji Temple, the dry rock garden and the wet gardens. There are fifteen rocks in the dry garden raked with white gravel. There are many stories about the meaning behind these rocks and how they are [...]
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    There is a definite Ujicha theme at the moment. When i stayed in Kyoto on my first trip to Japan, I remember drinking Ujicha and really enjoying it. Good to see it in the conbini’s at the moment.
  • On a visit to Kyoto in the Summer I went to Eiga Mura and saw the Ninja Show. The show was good entertainment. I took these shots with my Nikon D700 with no flash. The blue and red lighting on the background make some good contrasts [...]
  • ANA has started a Jinrikisha service for passengers at Haneda Airport. Once you have cleared the security check and you are making your way to the terminal gate, the staff will ride you and your luggage in style for free. The service [...]
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