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    The Conbini Box #1 offer has been completed and the packages sent out. I took a few snaps of the process and also shot some live ustream footage. Picture seemed to go on and off when I was recording. Maybe I need to stick to the [...]
  • Looks like Conbini Monday is about 6 months old, as we enter Week 26. This weeks goodies come from a mixture of Family Mart, where I spent my lost 1,000 yen, 7 Eleven and JR’s Newdays. What is your favorite item? Did you have a [...]
  • Have started taking the ConbiniMonday pictures from my iPhone to add a bit more real life to them. Hope they are coming out clear enough. It is hard to rival the Canon PowerShot G10 images with a mobile phone camera. There are quite a [...]
  • Summer is hot at the moment, and I had to decide whether to buy some drinks or ice-cream for this weeks Conbini Monday. Once I spotted the Diabolo Ginger Ale and then Pink Ginger Ale as well, it was an easy decision. And what better to [...]
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