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Kindergarten Sakura

Sakura season means lots of picnics and hanami. These kids are learning the tradition fast. The weather is a bit overcast today, but they seem to be enjoying their time under the sakura tree eating their snacks. Do you normally go…

Japanese Food Stories

Have you got a favourite kids story? I really enjoy Japanese kids stories - they always seem to bring a different way of looking at things to the fore. It is great to work with the stories and help kids through new ways of thinking about…

Japan for Kids

Excellent guidebook for those with children in Japan. Have you taken a look at this? Lots of great ideas for trips to Japan.

Kinki Kids Secret Concert

The popular singing duo, Kinki Kids, held a secret concert to mark the release of their new album "J". The album is their first original release in over 2 years. Those attending the concert had to wear sneakers so they could walk…

Japanese Twitter Users

Social Networking in Japan Whilst there are many popular social networking sites in Japan, including Mixi, GREE, Ameba, Livedoor and more, one site from overseas that is starting to create some interest in Japan is Twitter. Twitter…

Olympic Kids

I attended an event as part of the Tokyo 2016 Olympic, Paralympic Bid at the Hatagaya Kindergarten in Shibuya. The children were excited about seeing real Olympians and the trampoline display.

Making Photo Books in Japan

There are a lot of services on the web for making photo books, although many of them cost more to ship from the US back to Japan than the actual making of the book. I thought it might be useful to have a look at a book making service in…