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Hinamatsuri, Doll Festival

Hina Matsuri, Girls Days is coming up soon (March 3) and the displays are out in the department store encouraging parents or grandparents to buy. Do you have your own Hina Matsuri display at home?

Girls Day, Boys Day, Japan

Girls Day or Boys Day there seems to be a considerable expense involved! I looked up two classic items for these days on Amazon, Japan. This one is the 7 tier court of the Emperor and Empress. It is splendid and I am sure a lot of…

Doll Festival

I was at Ryogoku Station, where the Sumo is held in Tokyo, to visit the offices of a friendly bear company yesterday, and on the way back spotted this display of Hina Ningyo that had been set up by the Ryogoku Station staff. There is…

Spring on its way

The weather doesn't feel like it today, but Spring is upon us. In Shibuya, the Sakuragaoka area is getting ready for a festival. The Cerulean Tower are putting on a display of Hinamatsuri, Doll's Festival, which is held every year across…