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Quiksilver Japan

Caught a few shots of this promotional vehicle for the Quiksilver Roxy store in Harajuku the other day. The vehicle was rolling around Shibuya on a later sunny afternoon leaving quite an impression. I bet there were more than just a few…

Rilakkuma at KiddlyLand

Rilakkuma made an appearance at Kiddyland in Harajuku yesterday when I was out watching the Tokyo 2016 Olympic Parade. I was lucky to be able to catch some shots and also have a sneaky peak to see what was inside the tagged suit.…

Tokyo 2016 Olympic Parade

Tokyo is bidding for the 2016 Olympics. With 9 days to go before the decision in Copenhagen, a parade was held in central Tokyo between Harajuku and Omotesando to mark the occasion. The last time Tokyo held the Olympics was in 1964.

Tokyo Figure Show

For those who haven't heard yet, the Tokyo Figure Show will be held from the Here is what Danny from Dannychoo.com has to say about this exciting show: Through the Tokyo Figure Show, I hope to expose the artwork of figures to a…