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Hello Kitty Latte

Caught this signboard for the new Hello Kitty green tea latte drink at the convenience store. The packaging is fantastic. Maccha Latte 抹Ma 茶cha ラLa テte

JR Train Tea Found!

A while ago I wrote about the great tea drink product in the shape of the Yamanote Line. A lot of people asked me where they could buy it. Well, here it is on sale at Shinagawa Station inside the main concourse. If you enter the…

Yamanote Train Green Tea

You don't normally associate the Yamanote train line with green tea, but from April 20th, this year, Mokku company have been selling their unique product of bottled Green Tea in the shape of a train. There are versions for both the…

Conbini Monday Wk6

What a long week in between Conbini Monday's. There are some interesting topics to look at in the convenience store arena at the moment. The law for selling drugs / medicines is set to change on June 1st, which will allow convenience…