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    Have you got a favourite kids story? I really enjoy Japanese kids stories – they always seem to bring a different way of looking at things to the fore. It is great to work with the stories and help kids through new ways of [...]
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    I took a few photos of the Yokote convenience store on my recent visit to Akita-ken. The photos in the store I had on my iPhone and have shown some here. The photos outside were on my Nikon camera. The outside photos I already [...]
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    On my recent trip to Yokote I tried the local delicacy of Yokote Yakisoba. It is yakisoba with an egg on the top. Tasty ^_^. I have lots more photos of the Yokote trip including some of the Akita Shinkansen and others of the Bonden [...]
  • Some interesting items this week with a few combinations of different ingredients. Senbei with plum, noodles with cream stew and egg dogs.
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    Went to dinner tonight at a place very close to the Scramble Crossing, just in front of Shibuya Station. The sign said it was a Japanese food place, but inside the mood was more of a high class dinner and bar restaurant. I grabbed a [...]
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    I found this amazing cake on Amazon! It looks so good to eat … but it is not for consumption. If you click on the photo you will see that it is a puzzle. I havent purchased one of these but for around $5 dollars it might be worth [...]
  • Are convenience stores in your part of the world always changing their items, or do they pretty much stock the same things all year round. One of the reasons I like going to the convenience stores so much is they always have the latest [...]
  • Thanks to everyone who replied saying they wanted to get a taste of Japanese convenience stores, conbini, in their own home. The poll finished up with most people wanting a US$50 box inclusive of postage. I have checked prices at the [...]
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    After a few requests from members and many nudges, I am putting together a package of tasty convenience store treats for people who are living outside of Japan. (If you live in Japan you can also receive as well). Japanese convenience [...]
  • There are often mini festivals on in Japan around the station area. This one was a couple of days ago, but I forgot to put the pictures up. I was passing by on my way home and saw the stalls set up for okonomiyaki and takoyaki, as well [...]
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    Link to Amazon Japan. When I was a student at university in the 1980’s, one of my favourite foods was ‘taiyaki’ with red bean anko paste. I would make the long journey from Mita campus all the way home thinking about [...]
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    Suica, JR’s electronic payment card, and Matsuya, a popular teishoku eating place, have a promotion for customers who use their Suica card to pay for a meal at Matsuya between 5 November and 23rd November, 2009. Here is another [...]
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    Japan has some of the best plastic food displays I have seen. Have you every stood outside the shop looking at the displays thinking you could eat the display? Most stores buy their plastic foods at specialist makers. Some of the [...]
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    The ecute shopping complex inside Shinagawa Station is currently celebrating its 4th Anniversary. The complex has a nice mix of shops for people who are waiting to board Shinkansen trains. There are bentos, cakes and gifts to be bought [...]
  • Ochazuke is a great Japanese meal to have when you are not feeling well. Trying to keep the meals light and health while I get rid of this kidney stone, I decided to walk to Shibuya station and eat at the dashi chazuke restaurant in [...]
  • Yatsuhashi is a Japanese desert sweet. It is particularly well known as a product of Kyoto and can be bought at many of the tourist stores around the Temples. Yatsuhashi is made from rice flour and sugar and has a soft, mochi-like [...]
  • What a long week in between Conbini Monday’s. There are some interesting topics to look at in the convenience store arena at the moment. The law for selling drugs / medicines is set to change on June 1st, which will allow [...]
  • Meiji have launched 2 new flavors under their Fran line of chocolate sticks. They are Mix Berry and Apricot. It might not seem like they go too well with chocolate, but I can assure you the taste is good. The basic Fran product is a [...]
  • A balanced diet is the base of a good lifestyle. In Japan many television programs focus on food and cooking, explaining the benefits of different food groups and explaining healthy cooking tips. For those that live in big cities [...]
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