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    There are so many different types of foods you can find at these casual drop in food places. Here, the sign is offering Warabi Mochi, Kitsune Udon and Zaru soba. Have you tried any of these?
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    I have been in Kyoto and was enjoying some very nice food both at lunch and dinner time. One of my favorite restaurants here is called Mumokuteki. The food is all organic, looks delicious and is very tasty. Zakkokumai or Zakkoku rice [...]
  • A little bit of time since the last post. I will try and keep up from now on.
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    An interesting selection this week mainly from Natural Lawson
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    A wide selection here from yoghurts to potato chips and also some sodas. Enjoy your Conbini Monday. I have set this up on Facebook recently as well for those who want to view at How was your Conbini [...]
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    Forgot to put these up yesterday. The Golden Week holiday made me forget it was a Monday and not a weekend.
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    The lights might be dimmed in most stores, but the food is still looking good. Lots of interesting items this week. Enjoy.
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    It has been 3 weeks since the earthquake in North Japan. Whilst supplies are no doubt in short supply in the areas hit hardest by the earthquake we can see some footage on television of evacuation centers receiving goods and how [...]
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    A few people have asked me about convenience stores and supermarkets since the earthquake. Most people are calmly going about their activities, obviously worried about images they see on television from Sendai and other parts of [...]
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    Lots of items this week after missing a few conbini monday’s. Some of these goodies are from convenience stores when I visited Kyoto. Enjoy!
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    Another week with some produce from conbini’s outside of Tokyo. Most of the shots here were either from a Conbini in Kanawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken, or a service area conbini on the way from Shirakawago to Kanazawa. The goat was from [...]
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    On my recent trip to Shikoku I had some wonderful food, particularly produce from the Setonaikai. The taste of everything was fresh and the service was great. Often the food looked so good I ate it before taken a picture. Here are some [...]
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    It seems difficult to go into the convenience store and not find something new. Every week there is a new product release from most of the familiar brand names. There is new coffee, new purin, new sweets and plenty of new crackers. It [...]
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    Chibi Maruko chan has center stage at Lawson right now, with a big ‘Nostalgia’ promotion. Time to get down to your local conbini and pick up some old time favorite treats.
  • After being back in Australia for 10 days, it was nice to arrive home last night in Tokyo and go straight to the conbini to pick up a couple of onigiri and a bottle of Pocari Sweat. Here are some snacks that had popped up in my local [...]
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    McDonalds has been renovating a number of its stores recently, and yesterday many of their Shibuya stores were opened to the public to reveal the new look.
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    I was carrying 2 other bags when I took the photos this week and so my phone camera did not remain as steady as normal. I hope you can make out the pictures well enough to at least see what is on offer. The weather is picking up now [...]
  • It looks like Rilakkuma is back in force this week at Lawson. Not only has Lawson got a line up of breads with Rilakkuma displayed on, but other brands have now started to see the Rilakkuma value and are buddying up fast. There was a [...]
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    I left it a bit late to go the convenience store today. Busy at the immigration center renewing my visa and then trying to work out some problems on the computer. Before I knew it, it was already 10pm and I had not eaten dinner. Lucky [...]
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    April 1st every year is the start of a new financial year for most Japanese companies. Newly hired employees normally start work on this day, and you can see them out and about in their new suits trying to blend in with everyone. With [...]
  • Mothers Day is coming up soon and the convenience stores are hoping people will order gifts through them for the occasion. I didn’t see anything in store to buy, but Lawson had their catalog out to encourage people to order. [...]
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    I visited this donut cafe, Marui-to that had opened a while ago in Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya. They make the donuts on the premises and have many different variations to try. The donuts are small so you can select a few ^^. Are you a [...]
  • There are so many great foods in Japan to choose from. At close proximity you can find French, Italian, Spanish, US, Chinese, Indian and many more. Here is a quick selection of some eats I had yesterday. The scribble notes here refer [...]
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    1,000 Yen lunches used to be the benchmark for office workers to seek out in order to budget for their daily meal. With the economic downturn and deflation, the 500 Yen lunch has now started to become popular. There was a program on TV [...]
  • Lots of goodies for todays conbini monday. I almost forgot about it, since it is a holiday in Japan today. Lucky the convenience stores are all open no matter that everyone else gets the day off. I went to Natural Lawson for a number [...]
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    The snacks keep coming this week, but as we get towards the warmer weather there is a definite ‘sakura in pink’ theme starting to develop. Have you noticed packaging in the stores start to change color for the different seasons?
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