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    Nice day out with lots of people shopping. A bit warmer than yesterday and clear blue skies. The rest of the country seems to be experiencing the cold with some parts snowing. Time to get down to Uniqlo and buy up some HeatTech. Can [...]
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    Went out to dinner in Ebisu with a friend this evening and enjoyed pizza and pasta at Mercer Cafe. Very nice restaurant with a real fireplace in the center of the room. The pizza was particularly delicious, thin and crispy. Food in [...]
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    I was up early and decided to take a walk around Ebisu and towards Naka-Meguro. It was dark at the start and without a tripod some of the photos were a bit shaky as I was taken 5 frames for each photo to merge in HDR. Maybe next time I [...]
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    The “Boss” looks over the crossing here in Ebisu. The sky was really powdery today, almost like marshmallow clouds. Great scene. How is your Saturday weather?
  • The Yamanote Line auto doors are due to start operation soon. I wrote a few weeks ago about the electronic doors being installed at Ebisu and Meguro. This is an update showing the door panels now in place at Ebisu station. Do you have [...]
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