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    Shinjuku Station is said to be the busiest train station in the world with close to 4 million passengers a day passing through. I was one of those millions passing through this week on my way to some meetings. The amazing part about [...]
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    A few people have asked me about convenience stores and supermarkets since the earthquake. Most people are calmly going about their activities, obviously worried about images they see on television from Sendai and other parts of [...]
  • It is fairly quiet in Tokyo at the moment, a day after the 8.9 Magnitude strike in Tohoku northern Japan. I went out to Shibuya in the afternoon to see what the mood in town was. There were as many people out as normal, but more than [...]
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    There was a major earthquake today in Japan in the North just off the coast of Sendai. Reports at the moment are saying it is somewhere between magnitude 8.4 and 8.9. Every time I hear the figure it seems to go higher and higher. I was [...]
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    There have a been some large earthquakes in Japan recently to go with the hundreds of years of earthquake activity Japan has experienced. In 1923 when the Great Kanto Earthquake hit Tokyo, the people didn’t have internet and [...]
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    Latest click for Japan Earthquake March 2011 (photos in park) Latest click for Shibuya after the earthquake (life getting back to normal) Just had a strong earthquake here in Japan. Tokyo shook strongly, but everything looks fine now. [...]
  • I played golf today in Chiba and will be posting tomorrow details of the day which included a detour to the back of a police wagon for my friend after doing a bit of speeding on what we thought was a highway road. I managed to catch [...]
  • The iPhone has not proven a big hit in Japan but that has not stopped a number of applications that were popular with the imode range of phones being ported to the iPhone. Here is a free application made for the iPhone that shows the [...]
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