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    After the snow we had in Tokyo last Monday, you might be tempted to stock up on some goods at the Conbini and stay at home with “Nama-cha Panda” instead. Matcha and Matcha Latte. It’s tasty. Have a break with coffee. [...]
  • A little bit of time since the last post. I will try and keep up from now on.
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    A wide selection here from yoghurts to potato chips and also some sodas. Enjoy your Conbini Monday. I have set this up on Facebook recently as well for those who want to view at How was your Conbini [...]
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    Forgot to put these up yesterday. The Golden Week holiday made me forget it was a Monday and not a weekend.
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    The lights might be dimmed in most stores, but the food is still looking good. Lots of interesting items this week. Enjoy.
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    I think I have missed a few weeks, but here are some items from my recent trip to HuisTen Bosch in Kyushu. As you can see ramen is the main event. Are you a conbini ramen fan?
  • Quite a few new drinks out for the winter months. Plenty of vitamin C and other combination mixed in with some straight up sugar drinks.
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    Lots of items this week after missing a few conbini monday’s. Some of these goodies are from convenience stores when I visited Kyoto. Enjoy!
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    Another week with some produce from conbini’s outside of Tokyo. Most of the shots here were either from a Conbini in Kanawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken, or a service area conbini on the way from Shirakawago to Kanazawa. The goat was from [...]
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    With the Site down until yesterday due to hackers getting in and drinking all the beer, I have didn’t get chance to put up the latest conbini monday article. Here are all of the pictures I took at conbini stores while I was away [...]
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    A couple of items from a Natural Lawson for this week with lots of Sake thrown in for fun. It was raining in Tokyo today, but its always sunshine at the local conbini. I started my day with a cup of hot tea and an egg muffin at Natural [...]
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    Lots of chocolate on offer right now at the local conbini. The summer melting weather must almost be over. What are you eating this Conbini Monday?
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    It has been quite a few weeks since the last Conbini Monday. Looks like some of you have been getting hungry and asking me when we are going to get back in the conbini mode again. Here are a few chocolate snacks to keep you going for [...]
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    Had a few problems with the server yesterday, which required the data center installing new ram chips. Looks like the traffic has been eating through the ram and burning a whole in the motherboard. New ram installed now so I hope we [...]
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    It seems difficult to go into the convenience store and not find something new. Every week there is a new product release from most of the familiar brand names. There is new coffee, new purin, new sweets and plenty of new crackers. It [...]
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    Chibi Maruko chan has center stage at Lawson right now, with a big ‘Nostalgia’ promotion. Time to get down to your local conbini and pick up some old time favorite treats.
  • After being back in Australia for 10 days, it was nice to arrive home last night in Tokyo and go straight to the conbini to pick up a couple of onigiri and a bottle of Pocari Sweat. Here are some snacks that had popped up in my local [...]
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    There is a definite Ujicha theme at the moment. When i stayed in Kyoto on my first trip to Japan, I remember drinking Ujicha and really enjoying it. Good to see it in the conbini’s at the moment.
  • This week’s Conbini Monday features a Happy Lawson store from Yamashita Park, Yokohama. As Golden Week has started in Japan, many stores are not stocking a full range of goods and new products are thin. This Happy Lawson store [...]
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    I was carrying 2 other bags when I took the photos this week and so my phone camera did not remain as steady as normal. I hope you can make out the pictures well enough to at least see what is on offer. The weather is picking up now [...]
  • It looks like Rilakkuma is back in force this week at Lawson. Not only has Lawson got a line up of breads with Rilakkuma displayed on, but other brands have now started to see the Rilakkuma value and are buddying up fast. There was a [...]
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    I left it a bit late to go the convenience store today. Busy at the immigration center renewing my visa and then trying to work out some problems on the computer. Before I knew it, it was already 10pm and I had not eaten dinner. Lucky [...]
  • Mothers Day is coming up soon and the convenience stores are hoping people will order gifts through them for the occasion. I didn’t see anything in store to buy, but Lawson had their catalog out to encourage people to order. [...]
  • Lots of goodies for todays conbini monday. I almost forgot about it, since it is a holiday in Japan today. Lucky the convenience stores are all open no matter that everyone else gets the day off. I went to Natural Lawson for a number [...]
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    The snacks keep coming this week, but as we get towards the warmer weather there is a definite ‘sakura in pink’ theme starting to develop. Have you noticed packaging in the stores start to change color for the different seasons?
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