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    I am in Australia this week and have been without internet coverage for a while. Before leaving from Narita Airport last week I came across these great robot cleaning machines named Narita-kun and Epo-chan, for Narita Airport. I should [...]
  • The trains in Japan always look clean, particularly the Shinkansen. At Tokyo station, the cleaners quickly board the incoming trains, perform a quick clean and have the train ready to go again. The cleaners have special rooms and [...]
  • Rubbish in Japan, particularly the big cities, is always a problem. The biggest problem is, there is a lot of it. Then there is the issue of its disposal and how to get it ready to be thrown away. Most residents know that they have to [...]
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    You can find almost any kind of service in Japan from the mundane to the obscure. This is the land of maid cafes, muscle-building theme parks, cosplay and pet rental services by the hour not to mention the rental plastic sex dolls. I [...]
  • Here is an interesting home service company that seems to be making a big push to the English speaking market as well as the Japanese one. They have a full line up of services ranging from walking your dog, doing your shopping, making [...]
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