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    Each year the Kyoto City Fire Department have a small parade and demonstration of their fire fighting skills. They show the assembled crowd near Okazaki Park their fire fighting equipment and their skills to use it. The demonstration [...]
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    In a modern city it is always interesting to see how the older style architecture and culture is incorporated into new plans. Looking at this scene reminded me of just how difficult it is to accommodate a large population with limited [...]
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    Its a fine day in the city. This photo was taken before the earthquake in Tohoku. You can see the top of Tokyo Tower is not bent here. After the earthquake it had a slight bend in the very top of it
  • As well as being big on technology, Japan has many world class architects and designers. Some of the design work is for buildings and public spaces, whilst other work is items we might not even have thought about. STORE MUU design [...]
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