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    I was out in Chiba today to play golf and passed this small railway station servicing a local line. There are many of these old wooden stations around Japan, mostly in the country areas. They look tiny compared with a Shibuya or [...]
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    Before the heat of the summer arrived, I went out for a game of night golf in Chiba with some friends. The course was about 1 hours drive from the center of Tokyo and had excellent lighting for night golf. The cool breezes coming over [...]
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    Saw this wonderful scene at a station in Chiba. Looks like the 2 drivers are enjoying a game of Shogi (sort of Japanese Chess) whilst waiting for customers. The guy in the cab chooses to read a paper and keep cool. Not sure what the [...]
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    I visited a friend in Chiba and got the chance to ride the Chiba monorail recently. There are a few monorails in Japan, some that run above the tracks and some that hang underneath them. When you board the train you dont realize the [...]
  • Tokyo Disneyland located in Urayasu, Chiba-ken, is extremely popular with Japanese as a tourist attraction. It also has the highest repeat visitor rate of any of the Disney theme parks around the world. Many Japanese visitors visit the [...]
  • I was invited to a party given by a friend who is a Council Member of the Ichikawa City Council in Chiba. Maki Namiki’s blog can be found here detailing her activities. She is also planning to start using Twitter soon joining [...]
  • Just catching up now on the photos from the golfing trip last week with Rilakkuma. The weather was not bad, the score not the greatest, but Rilakkuma came out pretty good in the photos. The course was just across the Aqualine and was [...]
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