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    Transportation in Japan is known for generally being on time, clean and smooth. The highways are no exception to this and if you choose to drive in Japan you will find the highways are fun to travel on. You might want to avoid the [...]
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    Sometimes you just have to sit back and take in the view as you are traveling by
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    Did you know that there Ghibli describes a colour?? Amazing. Good to know if you are into board/quiz games perhaps? Also whilst the name Ghibli is synonymous with anime for many, it is also attributed to this wonderful model of an [...]
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    Click on this link for Amazon Japan. When my boys were growing up, they always liked a full basket of different mini cars to dip into. They were kept amused for hours making pretend highways and using the sofa as a mountain track. In [...]
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    I took a test photo with my camera to see what could be achieved before heading down to the highway and catching some better scenery. Now that it the air is colder at night, the street lights seem to shine brighter and images are [...]
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    There are many great videos of Highway driving in Tokyo which remind you of Ridge Racer. Here is a nice peaceful drive in the countryside at dusk which reminds of heading out to golf in the evening to be ready early for the next days [...]
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    Found this classic Mercedes car on the street yesterday. I asked the owner if he would let me take a picture. He was kind enough to say yes, but I didn’t feel I could ask him to drive down the street away from the lamp post.
  • Spotted this rather expensive Lamborghini in Shibuya today. As it drove past me I could not figure out what the bar code was doing on the side of the car? Is this a popular design thing ? It would be interesting if all cars had to [...]
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