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    I have had dirty marks on my camera mirror for a while now and decided to take it to The Nikon service center to get it cleaned. I went to the center in Shinjuku which is near the station and also near Bic Camera. Can you spot the [...]
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    Took a day away to experiment with some HDR photography in Yokohama. I am still trying out a few techniques. Here are the first attempts at what might look more like art than photography. What is your favorite Yokohama scene? For those [...]
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    Many of you following me on Twitter saw that I forgot my camera bag on the train today with my Nikon D700 and lenses inside. When I got on the train I was standing so put the bag on the overhead rack. Half way through the journey I was [...]
  • Hachiko is working it hard at the moment to support the Labor Insurance month campaign. Go Hachiko! It is strange that nobody has taken off his sash whilst people were not looking. Whilst I was out, I wanted to test a new lens I had [...]
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    Tokyo Timelapse from nubero on Vimeo. This is one of my favorite Tokyo timelapse videos. You often see videos with a music overlay. This timelapse video has the natural sounds of the street blended in. The announcements at the train [...]
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    I came on a short trip to Kyoto, arriving last night having taken the shinkansen from Tokyo with family. It was raining when we arrived but eager to see the town we headed out and took a few snaps. These were taken in the rain with a [...]
  • There are a lot of services on the web for making photo books, although many of them cost more to ship from the US back to Japan than the actual making of the book. I thought it might be useful to have a look at a book making service [...]
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