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    A hot day today in Tokyo. I joined the ABCLoop team for lunch in Daikanyama near their new office in Ebisu. The cafe we went to is in front of Daikanyama station called “Sign”. It is quite well known and always full of [...]
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    I almost missed this photo as I walked straight by a cafe in Shimokitazawa on the weekend and then realized, theres a guy having a coffee with a cat!! As is typical in Japan, everyone’s on their mobile, even when they could be [...]
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    I visited this donut cafe, Marui-to that had opened a while ago in Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya. They make the donuts on the premises and have many different variations to try. The donuts are small so you can select a few ^^. Are you a [...]
  • Most of us will know Meiji Chocolate from the chocolate bars you can buy in the convenience stores. Meiji have chocolate makers for a long time, but recently opened a chocolate cafe and started a range of boutique chocolates. They call [...]
  • As well as being big on technology, Japan has many world class architects and designers. Some of the design work is for buildings and public spaces, whilst other work is items we might not even have thought about. STORE MUU design [...]
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