• I have been cycling around Lake Biwa in Shiga-ken for the last 3 days. The trip covered 160km and passed through some wonderful scenery. I didn’t manage to capture everything as my hands were kept mainly on the handle bars rather [...]
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    On my recent trip to Shikoku, I stopped at Kojima for lunch before crossing the Seto Ohashi Bridge. The proprietor of a local restaurant asked me to take some photos of his Honda motorbike while I was waiting for him to make lunch. He [...]
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    Late afternoon provides a nice backdrop for coastal roads and the expanse of water beyond them. Today would be a good day to head out on a trip.
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    I am pondering over whether to go for an electric hybrid bike or not? This means it has a self-charge function that works while it is being ridden. It is part of the Sanyo “Gaia” be good to, or co-existence with the Earth [...]
  • The camera is a bit bumpy as it sits atop the bicycle ride from Daikanyama to Shibuya in this video from TokyoRentaBike, but the scenery is enjoyable to watch on the short ride. If you are in Tokyo for a short trip why not rent a [...]
  • Looks like after seeing the electronic billboards, the trucks with advertising on them, and occasionally small car/bike advertising, we now have a new player in the on the road / off the road adverting area. Vitamin Water had this guy [...]
  • As well as being big on technology, Japan has many world class architects and designers. Some of the design work is for buildings and public spaces, whilst other work is items we might not even have thought about. STORE MUU design [...]
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    I went past this bike cover in Shibuya today. I think it is a bike under there but it could be some sort of animal. It sort of looks like a dog if you pin a tail on it. The camouflage cover really didn’t seem to be having the [...]
  • It is winter in Japan at the moment and whilst it has not really been that cold for those who want to warm up while riding your bike here is the answer. I dont know whether the hot toilet seat came first or whether the hot bike seat [...]
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