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    I started my Sunday walk in Shibuya having a look at Yamada Denki and then checking out the H&M Store that opened recently. mmmm, looks like there is more than one Choo in town making news this week. I had heard about the new NIKE [...]
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    After a lot of construction to complete the building, H&M are ready to open in Shibuya. The location is near Yamada Denki, LABI and just opposite Tokyu Honten Bunkamura. Up until now, Shibuya hasn’t really had a lot of big [...]
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    This is not the best photo I have ever taken by a long way, particularly with the glare back from the display window, but I would really like to know what adidas thought they were promoting here? It looks like a cheerleader who took a [...]
  • adidas is about to open its new store in Shibuya next to the 109 store area. As the official opening gets closer the building has been modelled to sport a large adidas logo which changes the landscape of Shibuya. It is one of the few [...]
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