• The Onaruto Bridge is located near Shikoku and is on the highway connecting Kobe with Tokushima. It spans from Tokushima to Awajishima. It is quite well known for the whirpools that are created by underwater ridges, which can be seen [...]
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    Kodaiji Temple (高台寺) established in Kyoto in 1606 is a beautiful Temple located near Yasaka Hokanji Temple. I visited Kodaiji in the evening when it was lit up and enjoyed seeing the gardens in a different way to normal.
  • Dazaifu Tenmangu is a Shrine built over the grave of Michizane Sugawara, also known as the God of calligraphy. It is located near the Bay of Hakata in Fukuoka. It is well known as a Shrine to visit in order to wish for success in exams [...]
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    Eiheiji Temple, located in Fukui-ken, was founded over 800 years ago, although the temple was rebuilt a number of times over the years. It is still an active temple today training monks in its teachings. It is possible for anyone to [...]
  • Naoshima is a small island in the Setonaikai. It takes 20 minutes by Ferry from Uno, near Okayama or 40 minutes from Takamatsu, Shikoku. The island has become well known recently for its many works of art, both inside and outside and [...]
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    Shirakawago (白川郷) in Gifu-ken is a World Heritage listed village. The area is known for the gassho zukuri (合掌造り) architectural style, with a thatched slanting roof. In winter, when there is heavy snowfall, the houses are able to [...]
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    The Tojinbo Cliffs are a natural collection of jagged rock faces about 30 meters tall. A popular sightseeing spot, there are also many regular suicides here (it is said to have the highest rate of suicides with about 25 per year).
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    On my recent trip to Shikoku I had some wonderful food, particularly produce from the Setonaikai. The taste of everything was fresh and the service was great. Often the food looked so good I ate it before taken a picture. Here are some [...]
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    Ostuka Pharmaceutical have built a wonderful art museum in Naruto which holds over 1,000 pieces of Western masterpieces reproduced on ceramic boards. The museum building and the work gone into the creation of these boards is outstanding.
  • I traveled to Shikoku recently, catching the Shinkansen to Okayama and then the train to Takamatsu, crossing the Seto Ohashi Bridge. This is a stunning set of bridges that links Honshu to Shikoku. There are 2 other bridge routes to [...]
  • The Konnou Hachimangu Shrine in Shibuya dates back to 1092. This weekend there was a festival held in the grounds of the Shrine to celebrate "Wa" (和), all things that are Japanese, which of course included Sake tasting.
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    Seijogakuenmae (Seijo) is a family orientated station on the Odakyu Line, running to Shinjuku. It is a very relaxed and green area of Tokyo with plenty of charm about its narrow shady lanes and streets.
  • Jishu Shrine is located in the Kiyomizu Temple area of Kyoto. It is a Shrine for those praying for good fortune in love. There are a number of good luck charms that can be bought here to help you find your best partner.
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    Shimokitazawa is a popular area on the Odakyu and Inokashira Lines. On the weekend, the narrow streets around the station are full of people checking out the many stores and restaurants. The area has a relaxed feel about it. Next time [...]
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    Yobuko in Sagaken is a well known harbor town famous for its fresh squid. Many tourists come here to eat squid, ika, that has been freshly caught and then served as sashimi or eaten while the squid is still moving.
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    Okayama's Korakuen has been in existence since the Edo Period and has entertained many important guests through the years. It is considered one of the three famous gardens of Japan and is designated as a Special Scenic Location under [...]
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    Ise Jingu is made up of a large number of sites around Ise. The most well known are the Gekku and Naiku sites. You can get to Ise Jingu (Naiku) by train from Nagoya. Close by is Okagesama-dori, which has some wonderful old style shops.
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    Hiroshima Genbaku Dome, the well known scene of the destruction caused by the first Atomic bomb dropped on Japan at the end of World War II. Every year in August a ceremony is held to remember the lives lost and to remind the world of [...]
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    Midtown Water Works at Roppongi is a show that has been put on for the summer months, starting July 17 to August 23, 2010. I went there last night to see what the crowds were enjoying and got caught in the rain.
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    Summer is a time of festivals in Japan and also the time of Obon. I took these photos at a local matsuri in Chiba which included plenty of drum playing and obon dancing.
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    Tokyo Daijingu is located near Iidabashi Station in Tokyo. The Shrine is descended from the famous Ise Jingu Shrine in Mie-ken. Tokyo Daijingu is said to be a strong spiritual source for helping couples create good relationships and so [...]
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    I took a trip out to Yoyogi on the weekend to capture some photos of this area which is located very close to Shinjuku. It is surprising how quiet and peaceful the area was given its proximity to the large business district nearby.
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    Capsule Inns or hotels are well known in Japan for providing a place to stay the night at low cost, without taking up a lot of space. I stayed at one recently and thoroughly enjoyed my time. If you have never tried one I encourage you [...]
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    There are 2 sets of gardens at Ryoanji Temple, the dry rock garden and the wet gardens. There are fifteen rocks in the dry garden raked with white gravel. There are many stories about the meaning behind these rocks and how they are [...]
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    On the weekends you can walk down the main street in the Ginza without any traffic. These cats took advantage of the quiet roads to get some time out on top of one of the street signs.
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    Kofu is located about 2 hours West of Tokyo in Yamanashi-ken. You can catch an express train from Shinjuku that makes it an easy day trip. Summer can be humid since the town is surrounded by mountain ranges.
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