• Kitano Tenmangu is well known as a shrine dedicated to Sugawara Michizane, a scholar and politician who was exiled unfairly by his political rivals many years ago. He is associated with Tenjin, the god of literature or calligraphy and [...]
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    Kurashiki in Okayama-ken was developed as a river port in the 1920's. It is famous for the Ohara Museum of Art (the first Western art gallery in Japan), the Ohara Spinning Mill and its plentiful old buildings which still remain in the area.
  • Amanohashidate is known as one of the 3 great scenery spots in Japan. It is a sandbar stretching about 3 kilometres covered pine trees.
  • A quiet walk through the grounds of Myoshinji Temple in Kyoto looking at the Autumn colors.
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    Myoshinji Temple is in the Hanazono quarter in Kyoto. It is a wonderful complex of temples where you can enjoy strolling through the old pathways and imagine you are back in time. A number of the temples have gardens open for public [...]
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    The recent typhoon that is passing over Japan caused the Kamogawa River in Kyoto to overflow slightly during the night. I took these photos in the morning after. The river is still flowing fast and is over its banks but it doesn't look [...]
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    The Gion Matsuri is one of the 3 well known and important annual festivals in Kyoto. Spanning the whole month of July one of its best known events is the parade through the streets of the Yamaboko Junkō on July 17.
  • I went to Yakushima recently and took some photos near the beach and in the forest. Driving just a short distance produced such varied scenery changes, it was really interesting to get the chance to take photos different from the [...]
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    The Incline at Keage in Kyoto is the old train line where barges would come down from Lake Biwa to Kyoto. Close to Nanzenji, where you can still see the Aquaduct, the Incline is a popular place in Spring due to all of the beautiful [...]
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    The Kyoto Gosho, Imperial Palace and gardens are a great spot for casual walking, playing sports or just sitting down and reading a book. As Spring hots up, the trees are starting to take on a different color. It was a nice weekend to [...]
  • I took a short walk at sunset up past Kyoto University to Yoshida Jinja. You can very easily get into the mountain hillside from the Jinja and within minutes forget that the city below even exists.
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    Shimogamo Shrine is one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan. Located in Kyoto next to the Kamogawa river it is a short walk from the centre of the city. The Shrine is set in a natural mini forest that contains many large trees, [...]
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    Kiyamachi Dori in Kyoto is one of the well known streets in Kyoto city. The Takase river which was built in the 1600's to transport materials and goods between Kyoto and Osaka runs along the street.
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    The Aoi Matsuri is one of the three main festivals held in Kyoto each year in addition to the Festival of the Ages (Jidai Matsuri) and Gion Festival. The festival has its origins from the time of Emperor Kinmei back in the 500′s, and [...]
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    The Umeda Sky Building is one of the well known landmarks on Osaka's city skyline. The building was designed by the same architect that designed the new Kyoto Station building and also Sapporo Dome. The main feature of Umeda Sky [...]
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    Nata tera Temple was founded in the first year of the Nara Period, 717. It is well known for its temple grounds having stone walls with caves carved out of the rock face. In Autumn the colors were great and the grounds very beautiful.
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    Ninnaji (仁和寺) is a temple in Kyoto listed as a World Heritage Site. It is the head temple of the Omuro School of the Shingon sect of Buddhism and was founded in 888. As well as its religious hitory and background it is also famous for [...]
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    Daitokuji Temple is located in the North part of Kyoto City near Kinkakuji and was founded in 1315. It covers a large area and operates over 20 sub-temples within it. It is a working Temple and you can practice Zazen training on the [...]
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    Ishiyama Temple (石山寺) in Shiga Prefecture, said to have been constructed around 762, is the place where Murasaki Shikibu began writing The Tale of Genji, a well known Japanese literature piece. The Temple can be reached easily from [...]
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    The Kamo river (kamogawa) runs through Kyoto, historically providing an important water supply, but also now allowing people to relax and enjoy nature whilst still being in the heart of the city. It is said the rivers course was [...]
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    Takamatsu is the one of the gateway cities to Shikoku . Trains coming across the Seto Ohashi bridge as well as ferries coming from small islands and the main land, arrive at Takamatsu. It is an open planned city with beautiful parks [...]
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    We had snow in Tokyo tonight. Normally we get a bit of snow between January and March, but it doesn’t normally settle so easily. I expect by the morning this snow will also have melted away and things should be back to normal. It [...]
  • I visited Suzumushi Temple in Arashiyama, Kyoto in Summer and enjoyed the speech given by the monks there. It was not a large Temple and the grounds were not extensive, but many people were queued up to get inside and the monks [...]
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    Glover Garden is a park in Nagasaki, overlooking Nagasaki Harbor. It was built for Thomas Blake Glover, a Scottish entrepreneur who first came to Japan in 1859. He had good relations with various Samurai clans and assisted in toppling [...]
  • Dougo Onsen is located in Matsuyama, on the island of Shikoku. The Onsen is well sometimes referred to as Botchan Onsen in reference to its featuring in the novel by Natsume Soseki of that name. The Onsen has separate male and female [...]
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    Nijo Castle (Nijojo) in Kyoto is a great place to visit in any season. The gardens are perfect for a peaceful walk, and the Ninomaru Palace in the grounds is well worth seeing and hearing the guides explanation of historical life at [...]
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