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    Taking a look down the long escalators in the Isetan building at Kyoto Station. This is the same architect that designed the Osaka Umeda Sky Building. Amazing lattice roof structure. I think I have a better photo of this somewhere, but [...]
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    Taking a look inside the new Hikarie building in Shibuya. I’m attempting this post from the WordPress iPhone app, but might resize the photo later if it’s not too good. The file size looks too big at the moment.
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    Nice day out with lots of people shopping. A bit warmer than yesterday and clear blue skies. The rest of the country seems to be experiencing the cold with some parts snowing. Time to get down to Uniqlo and buy up some HeatTech. Can [...]
  • It is fairly quiet in Tokyo at the moment, a day after the 8.9 Magnitude strike in Tohoku northern Japan. I went out to Shibuya in the afternoon to see what the mood in town was. There were as many people out as normal, but more than [...]
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    Tsutaya is the largest rental DVD, CD, Game and book store in Japan. With over 1,000 stores and 20 million customers, they have established themselves as leaders in their field. Recently, Tsutaya, Culture Convenience Club (CCC), have [...]
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    Do you have have a passion to learn kanji on the toilet? What a strange question – but this item from Amazon makes me wonder if people do have this interest! The mind boggles!! Perhaps the quiz works and those studying Japanese [...]
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    I am running late for my dinner and just made it to the supermarket before they shut. If you get here at this time there is not much selection, but what is still left on the shelves is being discounted. The discount stickers change as [...]
  • Looks like 7-Eleven have realized that NEWDAYS, the Japan Railway in-station convenience stores that grew out of small kiosk shops, have been gaining ground in the competitive convenience store market. NEWDAYS have been popping up [...]
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    These crystal earphones look like the ideal fashion accessory. If you are still stuck for a valentine present this Feb then I suggest you take a look at these. What is on your wish list for this valentines day present?
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    LEVI Jeans has opened a new store in Shibuya on Friday. There were lots of people out taking a look at the store today and following the “promotion blanket models” around Center-gai with their red balloons.
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    Venus Fort, located at Odaiba, Tokyo, has just opened what is said to be the first outlet mall in Tokyo. A lot of people may know about the outlet malls at Gotenba and other places. I have been to a few, but always wondered why you had [...]
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    I was in Akihabara the other day to pick up a few items and took some quick shots on the street. It was a week day so there was not that many people out. It was mainly interesting to see which stores had changed recently and take a [...]
  • Family Mart announced last night that they are starting a Twitter account to promote their chain of convenience stores. They are the first convenience in Japan to begin using Twitter as a form of communication with their customers. [...]
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    Center-gai in Shibuya is a popular place for many to walk through, with no cars passing, as they pass through to shop at Tokyu Hands, HMV, Seibu Loft, Parco and the many other stores around. The Center-gai has its own Shoppers [...]
  • If you want an original phone charger when you come to Japan, these might be for you. A mixture of Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma and then original JR train phone chargers. You can power up your phone with the Yamanote Line! Couldnt hold the [...]
  • Hachiko is working it hard at the moment to support the Labor Insurance month campaign. Go Hachiko! It is strange that nobody has taken off his sash whilst people were not looking. Whilst I was out, I wanted to test a new lens I had [...]
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    nanoblocks are like lego only smaller. They are made in Japan by Kawada Co. and provide a way to build blocks without taking up too much room. Do you make things out of Lego? Would you think of trying some nano blocks for a change?
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    Japan has some of the best plastic food displays I have seen. Have you every stood outside the shop looking at the displays thinking you could eat the display? Most stores buy their plastic foods at specialist makers. Some of the [...]
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    The ecute shopping complex inside Shinagawa Station is currently celebrating its 4th Anniversary. The complex has a nice mix of shops for people who are waiting to board Shinkansen trains. There are bentos, cakes and gifts to be bought [...]
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    I met up with the guys from at the end of last week to discuss some online shopping / shipping ideas. For those regular readers you will have seen a few Rilakkuma articles, but probably noticed over at Amazon there is not [...]
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    After a lot of construction to complete the building, H&M are ready to open in Shibuya. The location is near Yamada Denki, LABI and just opposite Tokyu Honten Bunkamura. Up until now, Shibuya hasn’t really had a lot of big [...]
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    Andersen Bakery is my favorite bakery in Japan. I think they are part of the same group as Little Mermaid which have similar products. The other day I tried this Cool Summer Bread (冷やしパン) from Andersen. I wasn’t sure what to [...]
  • Great idea here for a novel product. A Shinkansen Zero case for the iPhone or iTouch. They also had some versions of this for Chuo Line and I think Keihin Tohoku Line. I couldn’t see any for the Yamanote Line on display. Anyone [...]
  • Clever idea in Yokohama to help lower the outdoor temperature for shoppers. a layer of mist is created when the temperature is above 28 degrees Celsius, the humidity is below 75% and the wind is not too strong. The sign says that the [...]
  • I met with the team from Okaimono Japan the other day at the Advance Partners office (my company in Japan) in Shibuya. Okaimono Japan are part of the netprice organization which is one of the largest e-commerce sites in Japan. The [...]
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    Ever wanted your own custom toilet paper. How about putting pictures of your pet on a roll of your own? In Japan, thanks to azfit, that is exactly what you can do with Charittisue (charity tissue) チャリティッシュ. You can send in your entry [...]
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