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    I was at Mizuho Bank in Shibuya yesterday to change some details on my account. Unlike the ATM’s, getting service at the counter can take a little while. Everyone is courteous and there are scores of staff running around trying [...]
  • Japan is starting to roll out its domestic vaccine for Swine Flu or Shingata Influenza (new form of Influenza) as it’s called in Japan. The vaccine will be first given to medical staff starting Oct 17th 2009 and then on to the [...]
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    Have been going through a number of the pictures I have uploaded to flickr during the year and ran across the bighugelabs website where you can easily make movie posters, id cards, puzzles and other things. Here are some of the items I [...]
  • Tokyo has been bidding for the 2016 summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. Today is the final vote in Copenhagen to decide which city will win the right to host the Games. Tokyo has been a strong front runner in the race. If Tokyo [...]
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    JT or Japan Tobacco has been trying to win over the community by promoting a message of “Smoking Manners”. You can see the posters on the train, at the station and in these ashtray info-ads. Some of the stuff they think up [...]
  • Many of you probably already know the brand and have enjoyed reading about Japan life along with Figure reviews and dancing Stormtrooper video action. Recently, Shibuya246 has joined in a Tokyo Live Blogging project that [...]
  • Another day, another matsuri (festival), this time in Sakuragaoka-cho (桜丘町), Shibuya. This was just a local matsuri involving the kids carrying the omikoshi through the streets. Looks like they had a good time.
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    Yes, its Friday and for some there is excitement for the weekend coming up. For others, like this guy, the week was just too much and a quick power nap before Friday’s work begins is essential. Have you ever been caught having a [...]
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    Promotion at the bottom of Mark City in Shibuya this afternoon for the movie, Killer Virgin Road. Anyone thinking of going to see this movie? I haven’t heard much about it. Not sure it looks like a romantic comedy! More [...]
  • There are many makers of face masks and with the Swine Flu panic they are all seeing booming sales. My local convenience store is regularly running out of stock as people flood in to buy everytime the media reminds them they are in [...]
  • A summer cold always feels harder to get rid of than a cold in winter. I got a sort throat the other day and then with the temperature shooting up to 39c decided it best to go to the night clinic at the hospital and get some meds. The [...]
  • Today is Election Day for Japan to choose all 480 seats in the lower house of parliament. The opposition party, Minshutou (民主党) Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) are likely to take office against the incumbent party, Jimintou (自民党) [...]
  • The police cars in Japan have a great look about them. The black and white color shines in the sun and most cars always appear to be well cleaned. Check out this Honda NSX version Photo from YXS10 on Flickr or this, what looks like a [...]
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    I am glad to say this is the last part in the Kidney Stone series. Having been back to the hospital for more tests on Monday including an IVP, where they inject dye into your arm to get a better x-ray picture, tonight the stone is out [...]
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    Latest click for Japan Earthquake March 2011 (photos in park) Latest click for Shibuya after the earthquake (life getting back to normal) Just had a strong earthquake here in Japan. Tokyo shook strongly, but everything looks fine now. [...]
  • I thought I had better write this while the pain relief drugs are still doing their work. I just got back from the hospital and was told its definitely kidney stones. Looks like the earliest they can operate is 26th Aug, 2009. That [...]
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    Down with kidney stone since yesterday. Hopefully better soon. Might not be able to post from hospital. Back soon
  • The Solar Eclipse that occurred today was hard to see for most due to the bad weather at the time. A number of keen photographers from Japan did manage to get some stunning shots of the eclipse though. Well done guys. These photos are [...]
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    Found this classic Mercedes car on the street yesterday. I asked the owner if he would let me take a picture. He was kind enough to say yes, but I didn’t feel I could ask him to drive down the street away from the lamp post.
  • Rubbish in Japan, particularly the big cities, is always a problem. The biggest problem is, there is a lot of it. Then there is the issue of its disposal and how to get it ready to be thrown away. Most residents know that they have to [...]
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    In a year of economic downturn, this years group of university graduates looking for a job must be finding things very tough. Companies seem to be busy cutting jobs rather than hiring new new staff so the graduate pool have to find [...]
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    You can find almost any kind of service in Japan from the mundane to the obscure. This is the land of maid cafes, muscle-building theme parks, cosplay and pet rental services by the hour not to mention the rental plastic sex dolls. I [...]
  • Here is an interesting home service company that seems to be making a big push to the English speaking market as well as the Japanese one. They have a full line up of services ranging from walking your dog, doing your shopping, making [...]
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