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    Shibuya Faces Part II from eleven23 on Vimeo. Short film shot in Shibuya on November 5th 2009 with the Canon 7D. Music : Saint Etienne – The Way We Live Now Some wonderful videos of Tokyo, in particular the Shibuya, Roppongi and [...]
  • The launch party for the new Site was on tonight at Roppongi Hills. Lots of people gathered to hear about the launch and catch up. The Site is focused on photos taken showing the beauty and culture of Tokyo. The [...]
  • I upgrade to Windows 7 a week ago and everything seemed to be going fine. I normally don’t turn my computer off at night but my whole apartment building was having electrical inspections and they wanted to take the power out for [...]
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    Japanese train travelers often find themselves with a 30 minute or longer train ride where they can either read a book, surf the web on their phone, listen to some music or maybe just catch up on some much needed sleep. The art of the [...]
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    It doesn’t snow in Tokyo very often during the year, maybe once or twice. When it does snow it is normally in February or March, sometimes even in April. Since the snow is rare,people are excited to see it and want to venture out [...]
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    Wonderful weather in Tokyo today. The sun was out, the sky was blue and the wind was only slight. It always seems that December and January can have some great warm winter days before February and March get a bit colder and darker. [...]
  • I took this shot at the Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum in Yokohama. I have more photos of the trip which I need to go through and sort out, but wanted to share this special shot first. The boy is actually standing in front of [...]
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    Pachinko stores are popular all year round in Japan. At New Year many of the stores give gifts to their customers and wish them a Happy New Year. This store was making and giving out free mochi as a promotion. Are you a fan of mochi?
  • Hand-drawn face portraits (Nigaoe 似顔絵) or charactures are very popular in Japan. You can often find an artists sitting by the side of the road in busy shopping locations or inside shopping malls like you can see in these pictures. [...]
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    Merry Christmas to all the readers of shibuya246. It has been great to talk with you all this year through the comments and on twitter. Rilakkuma and friends would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I [...]
  • In Japan, Christmas Eve is the main event for many Japanese. You see many workers hurrying out their office buildings to quickly meet up with others and there are many couples out on the street heading for dinner. It is also a time for [...]
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    The 1/1 scale Gundam is going to be back on display in Shizuoka this time. You will be able to see it while riding the Shinkansen? That would be a cool view from the window. Mt Fuji on one side, Gundam on the other. It will be on [...]
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    I went to see the illuminations at Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi, and found this great Santa Christmas tree. What type of Christmas trees do you have at your place this year?
  • There are often mini festivals on in Japan around the station area. This one was a couple of days ago, but I forgot to put the pictures up. I was passing by on my way home and saw the stalls set up for okonomiyaki and takoyaki, as well [...]
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    It is raining in Tokyo and most of Japan today. I was planning to play golf, but decided to cancel due to the rain. I much prefer playing in sunshine ^^. With the rain out, there is not much to do but maybe go find a seat in the blood [...]
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    Many of you following me on Twitter saw that I forgot my camera bag on the train today with my Nikon D700 and lenses inside. When I got on the train I was standing so put the bag on the overhead rack. Half way through the journey I was [...]
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    CGM Night #6 was held last night at the Shibuya head office of Cospa. The location was perfect and by the time I arrived the room was already full. The room was just the right size for the amount of people. Although it was crowded, it [...]
  • Looks like someone has been playing around with the statue in front of Shibuya station near Hachiko. I walk past this statue all the time, but normally don’t pay it much attention. Seeing a t-shirt on one of the characters really [...]
  • Michael Moore was in Shibuya today filming with what looked like the NHK film crew. I was just passing through and saw him as they were filming near Hachiko and Center-gai. I didn’t want to get in the way of the filming so here [...]
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    I was looking out of my window at lunch time and saw this police car stopped behind another car with people milling around. At first I thought we might have another scoop like the Sakai Noriko arrest or something. On closer inspection [...]
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    After a number of fires at restaurants and small zakkyo (雑居) buildings, the fire inspectors have been out performing spot checks at various buildings around town. I saw a large group of them patrolling through Center-gai in Shibuya [...]
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    Cosplay comes in many forms in Japan. When you combine Christmas it can either be very cute or a little too much Rudolph Reindeer. I went shopping on the weekend at Tokyu Hands in Shibuya and saw these outfits you can buy to dress up [...]
  • Looks like the new Japanese Government formed under Hatoyama-san have started a blog on Ameba. There is an official editor for the blog talking about major issues of the day. Ameba operate a blogging platform hosting all the sites in a [...]
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    I came across an interesting picture showing a comparison of searches in Japanese on Google for “husband” and “wife”. It looks like the women who I assume are searching for “husband” related topics [...]
  • The other day was a nice clear sunset which gave the view from my window an extended reach all the way down to Yokohama. I could just make out the Yokohama Landmark Tower and the 観覧車, kanransha Ferris Wheel. Can you make out the Tower [...]
  • Many Japanese housewives keep a record of the months spending in a book called a 家計簿 (kakeibo), housekeeping book. When they are out shopping they will keep the receipts and then tally them up in the kakeibo book. The books make it [...]
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