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    I took a quick morning walk to catch some sun and was surprised it had started snowing. Just a few scenes here of nothing much. My hands started to freeze off and I had to come back indoors. I would like to take better photos in [...]
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    Each year the Kyoto City Fire Department have a small parade and demonstration of their fire fighting skills. They show the assembled crowd near Okazaki Park their fire fighting equipment and their skills to use it. The demonstration [...]
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    My morning meeting gave me a birds eye view of the rush hour traffic at Shinagawa Station a few weeks back.
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    The Spring weather seems to be hiding just around the corner as the trees start to get ready to show us their color. As we get ready for the colors of Spring here is the close of Autumn. What are your plans for Spring?
  • I finished putting together another book on Canon’s PhotoPresso site. This one is from a trip to Hiroshima. You can see other books in the shibuya246 collection here also I have a few others in edit at the moment. One on [...]
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    This weekend is election time for Tokyo and many Prefectures. The 2 big name candidates in Tokyo are the incumbent Ishihara-san and former Governor of Miyazaki-ken, Higashikokubara-san. After Ishihara-san preventing people from holding [...]
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    There was a major earthquake today in Japan in the North just off the coast of Sendai. Reports at the moment are saying it is somewhere between magnitude 8.4 and 8.9. Every time I hear the figure it seems to go higher and higher. I was [...]
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    I caught a cold recently, so have been wearing a face mask at night when sleeping to try and keep my throat from getting to dry. I found these eucalyptus scented moist masks that are quite interesting. So far they have been good. Have [...]
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    I was up early and decided to take a walk around Ebisu and towards Naka-Meguro. It was dark at the start and without a tripod some of the photos were a bit shaky as I was taken 5 frames for each photo to merge in HDR. Maybe next time I [...]
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    Merry Xmas to all of the shibuya246 readers. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Season. This is the tree at the Westin Hotel in Kyoto, where I attended a conference.
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    The “Boss” looks over the crossing here in Ebisu. The sky was really powdery today, almost like marshmallow clouds. Great scene. How is your Saturday weather?
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    The weather has cooled down and this weekend was really nice, even though we had some stiff breezes and a little rain. Autumn is one of my favorite times in Japan, perfect for walking around and checking out new places. I took a walk [...]
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    I almost missed this photo as I walked straight by a cafe in Shimokitazawa on the weekend and then realized, theres a guy having a coffee with a cat!! As is typical in Japan, everyone’s on their mobile, even when they could be [...]
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    The night view of Tokyo is always quite colorful in a tasteful way. There is neon, but its not over the top, there are lights but everything seems to blend and match wonderfully. Here is the scene looking back at Kachidoki Bridge.
  • I came across this new vending machine at the station. It looks like its modeled on a big iPhone. You just point at the picture of the drink you want rather than clicking a button underneath an empty can. This was the busiest vending [...]
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    I have been thinking about moving to Australia or the US recently. I took a trip to Australia and had a look at some opportunities. I will visit New York later in the year. Not sure where I will end up yet, but have taken the advice of [...]
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    If you get into any trouble on the metro, just scan this bar code into your mobile phone (maybe not an iphone) and get a hotlink to the help line. Interesting idea. Do you have metro hotlines in your part of the world or do the offices [...]
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    Coming back from Australia, I found this character at Narita Airport, on standby for photos with travelers. The cape looks a bit like a flyboy, but I’m not sure what the glasses are for? Does your local airport have any theme [...]
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    I am in Australia this week and have been without internet coverage for a while. Before leaving from Narita Airport last week I came across these great robot cleaning machines named Narita-kun and Epo-chan, for Narita Airport. I should [...]
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    I have been busy this week with getting my visa extension application organized. I have a business management / investment visa, which means there is a bit of documentation required on the company side for extending the visa. I had [...]
  • A friend shared these 2 photos with me from their outing to Hamamatsu-cho (浜松町). Hamamatsu-cho Station on the Yamanote Line is undergoing redevelopment at the moment. A number of new buildings have sprung up on the North exit. You can [...]
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    Public toilets in Japan can either be very clean or very dirty. It depends where you are and who is in charge of looking after them. You can also be confronted with squatting style Japanese toilets or the sitting variety Western [...]
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    Sakura season means lots of picnics and hanami. These kids are learning the tradition fast. The weather is a bit overcast today, but they seem to be enjoying their time under the sakura tree eating their snacks. Do you normally go [...]
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    Sakuragaoka-cho is located close to Shibuya Station just on the other side of Route 246. I have lived and worked here for a number of years, and it feels like a second home, or maybe it is my first one now. Although, I now live in [...]
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    There was a fire drill at some office buildings in Shinagawa today. As I was passing, I noticed this fire tent, or fire house, that had been set up. The sign on the tent says that it is a “smoke experiencing house”. No [...]
  • Just got tweeted about these great images that LifeYouTv has created with photoshop and uploaded to flickr. Looks like the four of us are out of a scene from Heroes or maybe it is LOST ? Maybe we should make a movie. LOL. LifeYouTv has [...]
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