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    On my recent trip to Shikoku, I stopped in Kobe on the last night having driven over Awajishima. It was raining and I went out for a walk. To get back to the hotel I jumped in a taxi and was surprised to see a bunch of figures hanging [...]
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    Recently, a number of couples getting married have been ordering original Figures to be made in their likeness to mark their special occasion. Usually they make just the bride and groom, but it is also possible to include other guest [...]
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    There was an interesting display at the Yokohama Doll Museum showing how to make Japanese dolls. There is a great deal of skill and patience that goes into making each doll. The video shows a fast version of what is involved. I had a [...]
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    Can you put together a plastic model Gundam and paint it perfectly within a 3 hour time frame? If you can then you might be ready for a job at the dental implant maker, Bitec Global. From October Bitec Global are asking new recruits to [...]
  • The Tokyo Figure Show was on last week. I went down to Harajuku and take a look at the collection of figures on display by Danny Choo and GoodSmile Company. As you can imagine there were plenty of well crafted figures on display. Sorry [...]
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    We’ve had a few posts on trains in Japan recently, and to even things up I was going to highlight some buses. I came across a post by kimonobox showing some cute Japanese buses and thought instead of featuring the outside of the [...]
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