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    The new Carlton Ritz Hotel in Kyoto, on the banks of the Kamogawa River near Nijo, will open soon. Looks like they will enjoy some nice views.
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    I visited Osaka Castle a while back and enjoyed the nice walk around its gardens. The Castle has been rebuilt a number of times over many years.
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    It is getting cold out at the moment but Autumn is always a nice time to hit the streets and take a few photos. This is an old building in Kyoto that has a lot of charm about it. Nice restaurant on the 2nd floor as well.
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    Its a fine day in the city. This photo was taken before the earthquake in Tohoku. You can see the top of Tokyo Tower is not bent here. After the earthquake it had a slight bend in the very top of it
  • I recently visited the English themed restaurant and surrounds called Dreamton Village by its owner, in Kameoka, Kyoto. A lot of work and thought has gone into creating British style architecture and atmosphere in this area of the [...]
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    Looking back down towards Kyoto Station from the main road You can see another photo I took from inside the station here, or the view from the top of Kyoto Tower at sunset here.
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    Standing at the base of the Sanmon at Nanzenji Temple admiring the color and grain of the wood and wondering whether to make the climb to look at the view from on top. I did go to the top as well, and posted this photo from there on [...]
  • When I traveled to Shikoku and visited Dogo Onsen, I had the chance to stay at Funaya Hotel in Matsuyama. It is where the Emperor and Crown Prince have stayed when they visited also. The hotel was a nice mixture of old and new [...]
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    It was a beautiful day again today in Tokyo, with blue skies and higher temperatures. Winter did not seem that cold this year, but today felt like it was definitely coming to an end. Out in shibuya, I wanted to take some pictures of [...]
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    With such a great train culture, there are also some interesting stations to visit in Japan. Tokyo Station still has some of the red brick buildings left, but here at Kyoto Station, you can see modern Japanese breezy station building [...]
  • In the basement of my mansion, along with the garbage room, the bicycle sheds and the car parks, there are also 2 floors of trunk rooms. The storage space here is for residents who can’t fit everything inside their rooms [...]
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    This cheerful sea creatures mural was on the side of a construction site that I saw. Instead of boring white panels, someone has gone to the trouble of painting on the colorful characters. The lines across are from the shade of a power [...]
  • Construction noise is always a problem if you live close by to a big hole in the ground that is slowly having pieces of steel welded together to form a building. There is always a lot of construction happening in Tokyo and on larger [...]
  • Shinagawa is one of the major stations on the Yamanote-sen. It also has platforms for the Shinkansen, Narita Express、Tokaido-honsen, Shonan-Liner and other local trains, JR and Keihin-kyuko lines. In total it has 15 JR regular [...]
  • Condominium buildings in Japan are called Mansions. In some countries you might think a mansion would be set in a beautiful countryside estate with a huge building in the grounds. In Japan, a typical mansion will be a 10 story concrete [...]
  • As well as being big on technology, Japan has many world class architects and designers. Some of the design work is for buildings and public spaces, whilst other work is items we might not even have thought about. STORE MUU design [...]
  • After the bursting of the “Bubble Years” in Japan it took property prices a long time to stabilize. Some parts of Tokyo were more resilient than others, like Omotesando 表参道 and Aoyama 青山. I was passing by this place in [...]
  • Nearby to where I live there is a lot of construction work going on at the moment with new buildings being developed. Some are small, others are much bigger. It is interesting to see the small spaces that quite unique architectural [...]
  • This building always makes me think when I go past it. How did the architect convince the building owner this would be a good idea? How did they present this to the city planning organization? How did they get approval? How did they [...]
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    Tokyo Tower was opened on 23rd December 1958, over 50 years ago. It is enjoying a revival at the moment with internal renovations, new merchandise, new events and a new magazine, The Tokyo Tower Magazine. It is priced at 980 Yen and is [...]
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