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    While I was traveling in Hiroshima the other week I found this souvenir in a gift shop. Looks like Rilakkuma gets around everywhere.
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    After a trip to the Tokyo Station Rilakkuma Store I now have a hard case cover for my iPhone with style. Would you like a Rilakkuma hard case cover for your iPhone? [Update] For those interested, I have listed this for sale at [...]
  • I went to the Rilakkuma Store at Tokyo Station again yesterday. This time I was in search of a case for my iPhone. There was lots of activity in store, with the new “Bonjour Rilakkuma” series on display, chocolate magnets [...]
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    I saw on a website recently that a French outfit version of Rilakkuma plush was going to be available. The Tokyo Gift Show is on at the moment at Odaiba, Tokyo. Last year I went to the September Show and Rilakkuma made an appearance. I [...]
  • Had a great day at the Anpanman Children's Museum with my sisters children. The museum is near Landmark Tower in Minato Mirai, Yokohama. There is lots to do for the kids with a restaurant and shops as well. Probably worth a half day [...]
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    Went shopping today at Yokohama and only had my iphone with me. Here are a few shots from some shops I couldn’t go past without checking the goods. Looks like it is going to be a good year for Rilakkuma, Gachapin, Mameshiba and [...]
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    Forgot to post this on Monday. When I was at the Rilakkuma store I spotted this New Year decoration featuring the three main characters. Looks like the are ready for the New Year of the Tiger, 2010. The staff at the Rilakkuma Store [...]
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    I picked up a Rilakkuma key protector for my apartment keys. It came in a round plastic ball which when opened popped out the “HAPPY XMAS” Rilakkuma themed protector. The idea is that it covers the top of the key so that [...]
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    I forgot to post this a while ago when a friend told me about it. San-x released a special Rilakkuma set for the New Year. They came on sale on November 14, 2009 on the Rilakkuma net shop, but were quickly snapped up and last I heard, [...]
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    A few purchases from the Rilakkuma store yesterday. The apron Rilakkuma is about to be sent overseas. Xmas Kiiroitoris going to sit on the desk for a while ^_^. The rest of the small goods are top secret, but are flying out today to [...]
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    Following the recent giveaway contest I decided the packages I was sending out needed a few extra items added from the Rilakkuma store. sorry, guys it has taken so long. I was planning to go and pick up some extra stuff earlier, but [...]
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    Bandai released a “My Doraemon” Robot a while ago. This is the first time I saw it advertised in the shops. It looked quite neat. You can see on the top shelf, the display is showing how you put the robot together yourself. [...]
  • Check out the great Japan products at JapanHabit shop iRiver is selling a limited edition MP3 player in the shape of Hello Kitty, decorated with Swarovski crystals. There are limit of 200 units being sold and the price is YEN 13,800. [...]
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    The Kigurimi 2009 Summit for Yurukyara (ゆるキャラ) Festival is on in Hikone, Shiga-ken (滋賀県彦根) from 23rd to 25th October, 2009. Over 100 soft toy characters from all over Japan will be at the Festival. To get to the event you can catch the [...]
  • Dr Romanelli has released some new Hello Kitty designs produced by Medicom Toys. From the Dr Romanelli website this comment Dr Romanelli has gotten together with Sanrio for a special Hello Kitty collaboration produced by MEDICOM TOY. [...]
  • Rilakkuma made an appearance at Kiddyland in Harajuku yesterday when I was out watching the Tokyo 2016 Olympic Parade. I was lucky to be able to catch some shots and also have a sneaky peak to see what was inside the tagged suit. Do [...]
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    Hello Kitty is in Shibuya this week (from 16th to 27th Sep, 2009). The passageway between the Tokyu stores has been taken over by the Hello Kitty Selection, Celebrity Party. What Hello Kitty products have you bought recently?
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    I went to the Tokyo Gift Show on Friday and took a look at a few exhibits. It seemed like a lot of companies were licensing characters such as Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Pokemon and then producing unique gift products to put in [...]
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    I met up with Rilakkuma today when visiting the Tokyo Gift Show. I will post more about the Gift Show later, but first here is Rilakkuma. sorry, this is kamonohashikamo not kiiroitori.
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    Looks like Rilakkuma has no shortage of friends. Even when you are sleeping on the streets you still need a Rilakkuma to keep you company. Great to see. Here are some shots of some Rilakkuma goods I saw at a store recently. Lots of [...]
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    Looks like Gundam is not the only character that is making it big in Odaiba. Here are some great Rilakkuma goods from Aqua City, Odaiba. I have been talking with netprice Japan about finding a way to easily ship products that people [...]
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    Looks like Rilakkuma has started his own Doctor’s clinic ? I spotted this at Shinagawa. I wonder if they got permission to use that or whether they are waiting for someone to tell them they can’t?
  • I was invited to a party given by a friend who is a Council Member of the Ichikawa City Council in Chiba. Maki Namiki’s blog can be found here detailing her activities. She is also planning to start using Twitter soon joining [...]
  • Bandai Networks has released a notebook PC for kids based on the popular San-x character, Rilakkuma. More Rilakkuma information here from shibuya246 site. The notebook is powered by an Atom N270 (1.6GHz) CPU, with 1GB of RAM and a [...]
  • There were a lot of character goods on display in Kyoto and Rilakkuma didn’t miss out. From a Rilakkuma bento lunch to eat on the train to the goods in store, he was definitely showing off his popularity. The bento was a nice [...]
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    Spotted this very green Mameshiba looking character in Kyoto. It’s good to see the Mameshiba character getting out to see the sites! or is it Mameshiba? Thanks to apl (see comment below) I took a second look at this picture and [...]
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