Conbini Monday Wk76

Figures of ONE PIECE.

There are not only foods, but also well-made figures at the convenience store.

Figures of Kamen Rider. Many boys hope to become them.

You can get interesting free gifts by buying JU-ROKU CHA.

Assorted YAKITORI. Please go to beer corner next!

ICHIBAN SAKURA(cherry blossoms) beer. I can hardly wait for seeing cherry blossoms.

If you can't hold your liquor, there are alcohol-free beer and cocktail.

Pasta served in cream sauce.

Large portion of salted cod roe pasta.

Japanese orthodox lunchbox called " Makubno-uchi".

YUZU powder. Have a hot yuzu drink after adding the powder in the water.

Curry UDON!

It looks like a jewely box.

Chocolate breads for Valentine's Day.

Chocolate pudding named "a little fiend chocolat".

I hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day with your significant other.

Conbini Monday Wk75

After Setsubun, Spring starts according to the calendar.
It is still too cold in Tokyo, so you might want to try some of these hot drinks.

Sweet chestnut and roasted green tea

Ginger lemonade and ginger chai.

White cocoa! What does it taste like?

Cha shu ramen.

Tsuke men is kind of ramen. Before eating, dip the noodles in the soup.

Meat dumpling is called " Gyo-za" in Japanese.

Tortillas from Mexico.

Ginza curry and hayashi rice (hashed beef with rice).

Magazines for Lady's fashion. What kind of fashion trend is coming up this spring?

Strawberry cakes.

I want to try FuwaFuwa souffle!!

Apple tart and gateau chocolate. The displays look like whole cakes.

It named "Choco no Yama(chocolate mountain)".

In Japan, on Valentine’s Day the women present chocolates to the men, rather than the other way around as in many countries. How will you spend this year Valentine’s Day?

Conbini Monday Wk74

After the snow we had in Tokyo last Monday, you might be tempted to stock up on some goods at the Conbini and stay at home with “Nama-cha Panda” instead.

Buy 6 pack of green tea, you can get Nama-Cha Panda doll.

Panda rice cracker. Can you eat him??

Negi Miso Ramen with grated garlic!!

Onigiri box lunch. Classic Japanese box lunch wrapped with bamboo leaves. Like this?

Matcha and Matcha Latte. It’s tasty.

Have a break with coffee.

Strawberry pudding and Chocolate brownie parfait. Which one do you like?

ONE PIECE special package on the pocky.

Haruhi figure with a canned coffee. Have you ever watched “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”?
It’ s one of the popular Japanse animation.

Don perignon! I wonder who would buy this at convenience store…

After buying don perignon, you must go to the snacks corner. But these go more with beer than don perignon.

AOONI(blue ogre) beer.

Dorayaki. Two small pancakes wrapped around a filling of sweet red bean paste. Ogre appeared again!
February 3rd is Setsubun(the day before a change in seasons).
On this day, people throw beans while shouting “Fortune in and demons out.”

Ogre is one of the symble of Setsubun.
Recently, eating uncut futomaki called “Eho-makli” without any words on Setsubun has became popular in Japan.

Conbini Monday Wk73

It is getting cold recently, and Lawson has started a Korean food fare to help us fight off the winter months.

Sundubu jjigae

Sundubu jjigae (Korean stew)

Korean style YAKITORI DON

Korean style YAKITORI DON

Yukgaejang Ramen

Yukgaejang Ramen Spicy ramen keeps us warm.

Snacks from Korea

I like this pink brownie. It tastes good.

Chocolate rice cake filled with peanut cream. I can't imagine the taste of this...

Chocolate rice cake filled with peanut cream. I can't imagine the taste of this...

It snowed last friday for the first time this year. Some of these goods might help out.

Bath salts

During the cold season, bath salts warm up your body

Miffy jerry

Miffy mug with fruit jelly

Maccha and chocolate parfait

Green tea and Chocolate parfait


In Japan, recently healthy beverages have been selling well


Vegecuit, a little sweet and very spicy cookies.

Chocolate-coated potato chips

Chocolate-coated potato chips. It's really good. Do you want to try this?

Hot foods

Hot Foods corner is located next to the cash register

Can you guess why the ogre face pictures are displayed?

Conbini Monday Wk72

Strawberry treats

Cool ramen for summer

Onomichi Ramen

Onomichi Ramen

Coffee jelly

Coffee jelly

desserts from Uchi Cafe brand

desserts from Uchi Cafe brand

Azuki beauty drink

Azuki beauty drink

Toumorokoshi drink. mmmmmmmmm

Toumorokoshi drink. mmmmmmmmm



GABA chocolate

GABA chocolate

a mint version of the popular DARS

a mint version of the popular DARS

I like this name, Karipari

I like this name, Karipari

Some ginger and Gobou snacks

Some ginger and Gobou snacks

Honey ginger chews

Honey ginger chews

Honey and lemon drink with ginger

Honey and lemon drink with ginger

A little bit of time since the last post. I will try and keep up from now on.