Conbini Monday Wk81

Bottled water in a shape of Tokyo Sky Tree!

Tokyo Sky Tree will be opened on May 22,2012. The height is 634m.

Stick cheese cakes. We don't have to prepare a plate and fork.

Diet soup.It contains "Koya-Doufu(freeze-dried bean curd)”.

Diet Blend tea. Very nice

Chicken Ramen snack. Do not add boiled water.

Negi-Toro maki!

Bagna càuda set. Bring to the home party.

Ume(Japanese plum) Konbu(kelp). Young girls eat this as a diet snack.


Pasta sauce. Today I want to eat carbonara!

Salmon sushi!!

You can take Starbucks's coffee even at Conbini!

Conbini Monday Wk80

How artistic package! Please compare this with Japanese bottled tea.

Recently we have been improving the Conbini Monday content by having a team of people to assist. One of active members, who has been posting the last few weeks of Conbini Monday, visited Paris last week and has prepared a special Conbini Monday Paris style.
Please compare the photos with the normal Japanese Conbini ones.

Drink corner is not that different to Conbini in Japan. Coca-cola can be found all over the world!

Yoghurt corner.

Chocolate and Citron tart.

Maybe Parisian people have these for an office lunch.

Delicious-looking salad!

There are also wonderful looking food in a delicatessen at the corner of a street.

Walk down the street while you eat a sandwich, you can feel like a Parisienne!

Cute sandwiches are also prepared at Conbini in Paris.

How about Conbini Monday from Paris? Did you think it was very different from Japan or similar?

Conbini Monday Wk79

Rilakkuma Soup.

Ginger soba and udon warm you up!

You don't have to shell a sweet chestnut, when you buy "Muki amaguri".

Tomato and orange juice.

Small sized "nyu-men(hot somen" and "udon".

Japanese kampo. Which one do you want to try?

Sakura mochi has several styles in Japan.

Cup noodles. I want KING size !!

Pouch soup.

Who needs energy drinks?

Take a good rest

Yogurt corner!

Eat tonkatsu and get some energy