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    Is this the Best Toy for 2009 on Amazon Japan? As a family we had a lot of giggles over this Cool Pick. What do you do with it? Has anyone purchased one of these? Would you have voted it the no. 1 best seller of 2009? Take a look [...]
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    Tokyo Parking I love presenting the family with a puzzle during the holiday season. Something that they can really fiddle with and let their mind work away solving something trivial but challenging. Do your family enjoy puzzles? This [...]
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    Kids Educational When my kids were small, I put out lovely beech wood blocks for them to play with. These blocks were handed down through the family. Many of the relatives had played with them over time and we still have them for the [...]
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    I spoke yesterday about being amazed with the variety that Amazon Japan can offer in products. Not only is there variety, but the products often seem unique to Japan, innovative and provide such choice from a range of highly regarded [...]
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    Well I had to release this post in quick response to the fish head post! I am in stitches …. I am laughing at these fantastic ideas for fancy dress on Amazon Japan. Click through the photo to find out more. I wonder if these head [...]
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    After yesterday’s nostalgic Mitaka post on taiyaki filled with anko, I was directed to look at this wacky head piece on Amazon Japan. It is a taiyaki/fish head costume. Well, I am gobsmacked! Would you go as a fish head to a [...]
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    For those who love the guitar, I couldn’t resist showcasing this product on Amazon Japan Cool Picks today. Is this product ‘only in Japan’ or can you buy this cool guitar on other Amazon sites I wonder? Let me know if [...]
  • Link to Amazon Japan Do you love wood and feel that there is too much plastic in your life? I know that my father-in-law is crazy about wooden objects. He loves the look and feel and smell of wood. So when I showed him this wooden [...]
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    Link to Amazon Japan. Is this product one that we could say “Only in Japan,” or have you seen these in your country? They are gloves heated via your USB! I havent bought a pair yet but would love to hear from someone who [...]
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    Link to Amazon Japan. When I was a student at university in the 1980’s, one of my favourite foods was ‘taiyaki’ with red bean anko paste. I would make the long journey from Mita campus all the way home thinking about [...]
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    Link to Amazon Japan. This is really a Mini or is that Minnie ATM! Excuse the pun!! I was shown this item on Amazon Japan by my teenage daughter. She first of all wants a credit card !! Answer is “not yet buddy”! And second [...]
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    Link to Amazon Japan I was really pleased to hear via email from my niece in Australia the other day. She told me that she had won an award for a special project in design technology. My niece has always been very artistic and clever [...]
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    Click on Amazon Japan for more here. A new case for the DS or DS Lite is a great idea for the stocking. This year I got one of these for the DS Lite. ( Not for my DS Lite, but for a family member’s DS Lite) Gachapin is cute! Hope [...]
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    Click on Amazon Japan for more about this bear. Japan loves its teddy bears! This bear is a great one for those who have constant tummy ache issues. He sits on your knee whilst keeping you warm. You can see how useful this would be for [...]
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    Click on this link for Amazon Japan. When my boys were growing up, they always liked a full basket of different mini cars to dip into. They were kept amused for hours making pretend highways and using the sofa as a mountain track. In [...]
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    Find out more on Amazon Japan. Do you love Crunky chocolate? When I first came to Japan, I could never work out why they called it Crunky. It seemed a stranged name to give to the chocolate. Was it because it was a bit crunchy? [...]
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    Amazon Japan What is this? A blast from the past in telephones? Natsukashii!!! You are looking at Showa Retro here !! Seems like “everything old is new again.” This is certainly an interesting item to have in the house and [...]
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    Onigiri Trumps I wrote about onigiri trumps recently on my own site Kimonobox. They were very popular. What a great gift to take back from Japan for the family. Good price, great cultural significance and easy packing. I have bought [...]
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    Green Clockman Alarm clocks are not my favourite item in the house. But clockman is different! Clockman does a great job in getting teenage kids moving in the morning and makes us all laugh. He is much better than a bell, shrill or [...]
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    Thomas Tank Katakana Blocks Teaching Japanese to kids can be helped along with these great educational bricks via a stop on Amazon Japan. Thomas Tank Engine and Friends was first created by an Anglican clergyman, Reverend Wilbert Awdry [...]
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    My knitted pooch on Amazon Japan. Whilst it seems that kids today want the fast games, plastic pieces and newest, cutest brand characters, there still a place for the old-fashioned toys. And these include handcrafted cuddlies. I am [...]
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    Ponyo Karuta Cards on Amazon Japan This year Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea was released by Ghibli Studio. It received a variety of critique but overall fans flocked to view the movie and purchase Ponyo goods. Ponyo was cool. So I was [...]
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