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    I haven’t seen this before. It was published in 2007. It sounds interesting with the main characters, a mouse from the US and cat from Japan en tour! Would anyone with a copy like to give a review? Amazon Japan
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    Excellent guidebook for those with children in Japan. Have you taken a look at this? Lots of great ideas for trips to Japan.
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    How cool is this!! It is her otoshidama so I think it is a fine choice! Amazon Japan
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    This is one of my favourite picks on Amazon Japan. Have you tried one of these before? Great stocking filler!! Amazon Japan
  • Is this amazing at Amazon Japan or what? The kids are laughing at my suggestions here —- but would you buy this for the season? Why not! I love it! You have got to get into the season with the spirit. I will be getting my festive [...]
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    I came across these karuta today. They look like they might be useful for teachers of Japanese. Can anybody let me know what they think? Have you bought these karuta cards? Karuta cards Amazon Japan
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    These hiragana cards look great for teaching. amazon Japan
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    Beautiful! Amazon Japan has this gold decoration to stop the bad things happening in the new year! Hamaya no Hatsuzekku A relative bought one of these a few years ago for our house – lucky!! Amazon Japan
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    Japan is celebrating the Year of the Tiger in 2010. (Chinese Zodiac) The Tiger is the 3rd sign in the zodiac chart. There are 12 signs altogether. The Tiger is the sign of courage. This little set shows all the animals in the zodiac. [...]
  • First of January 2010 is coming shortly. Have you got your otoshidama envelope at the ready? I sort of liked this choice – the ultraman envelopes!! These were the kind I organised a few years back for the little boys…. now [...]
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    This puzzle is a fantastic one for teaching important signs to the kids. The minimum age for the puzzle set is 24 months. Great age to start working with kids basic recognition skills. Amazon Japan
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    Merry Christmas!! Did he come? What did you get???? We have spent busy day opening presents. Eating too much. And are about to have a game of Uno Attack! Anyone want to try the Doraemon game and give me some feedback? Amazon Japan Cool Pick
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    Swatch Watch Japan Japan has always fascinated me with their design on watches. I have many Seiko musical clocks in my house already…. they are great! I also have a couple of lovely Japanese watches! I havent purchased this one [...]
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    Are you a fan of the Brio trains and track? I always associated Brio with the Thomas Tank Engine trains. But was most interested to find out that you can also buy the Brio brand Bullet Train, Shinkansen on Amazon Japan.
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    I am intrigued! Does this play the traditional violin music? Is that a real bow? Has anyone purchased this kitty violin? Is it a toy violin? It certainly looks like a toy. Nevertheless – very cute! Amazon Japan
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    This looks really cute! Has anyone tried one of these boxes? It looks like it is a musical box that you can put in special things! Maybe a necklace or ring or just a chestnut even. Too cute!!! Perhaps these can be bought at other shops [...]
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    Monchichi are still popular!! I adore this photo of Monchichi man and wife!! Has anyone come across the couple before?! I love it!! Amazon Japan Can you vote for them please!!
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    I love this design. It is such a statement! The collar looks so smart on little girls. It is amazing the things that you can buy at Amazon Japan. Do you like this kind of design?
  • At our house during December, we have a combination of Christmas and New Year decorations. It makes for a very festive and multicultural household. Have you got things ready for the new year?
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    Did you know that there Ghibli describes a colour?? Amazing. Good to know if you are into board/quiz games perhaps? Also whilst the name Ghibli is synonymous with anime for many, it is also attributed to this wonderful model of an [...]
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    My family has always really liked the Thomas Tank products. So I was pleased to find this toy for toddlers. Have you got a little one who loves trains? What about your family? We have been major investors in the Thomas Tank track and [...]
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    While on the subject of new movies, I have seen the marketing posters up for the Alice in Wonderland movie. I love the way they have made up the White and Red Queen. I can’t wait to see this movie. Anybody a Lewis Carol fan? [...]
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    My son went to see the Avatar movie the other day. Has anyone else seen it? What did you think? My son loved it!! Group of mates, the 3D glasses, the large popcorn, blue candyfloss and coke slurpee drink and he was set! He told me it [...]
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    If you are invited to fancy dress parties this year and need some inspiration for a character, this headpiece might just convince you to go sumo! Would you be a sumo for fun? This is an interesting Cool Pick on Amazon Japan.
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