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    Chibi Maruko chan has center stage at Lawson right now, with a big ‘Nostalgia’ promotion. Time to get down to your local conbini and pick up some old time favorite treats.
  • After being back in Australia for 10 days, it was nice to arrive home last night in Tokyo and go straight to the conbini to pick up a couple of onigiri and a bottle of Pocari Sweat. Here are some snacks that had popped up in my local [...]
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    There is a definite Ujicha theme at the moment. When i stayed in Kyoto on my first trip to Japan, I remember drinking Ujicha and really enjoying it. Good to see it in the conbini’s at the moment.
  • This week’s Conbini Monday features a Happy Lawson store from Yamashita Park, Yokohama. As Golden Week has started in Japan, many stores are not stocking a full range of goods and new products are thin. This Happy Lawson store [...]
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    I was carrying 2 other bags when I took the photos this week and so my phone camera did not remain as steady as normal. I hope you can make out the pictures well enough to at least see what is on offer. The weather is picking up now [...]
  • It looks like Rilakkuma is back in force this week at Lawson. Not only has Lawson got a line up of breads with Rilakkuma displayed on, but other brands have now started to see the Rilakkuma value and are buddying up fast. There was a [...]
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    I left it a bit late to go the convenience store today. Busy at the immigration center renewing my visa and then trying to work out some problems on the computer. Before I knew it, it was already 10pm and I had not eaten dinner. Lucky [...]
  • I went out to Chiba at the end of last week to play golf and snapped a few interesting items in the local Chiba convenience stores. Many items are the same as central Tokyo, but a few caught my eye that I hand’t seen before. Hope [...]
  • Mothers Day is coming up soon and the convenience stores are hoping people will order gifts through them for the occasion. I didn’t see anything in store to buy, but Lawson had their catalog out to encourage people to order. [...]
  • Lots of goodies for todays conbini monday. I almost forgot about it, since it is a holiday in Japan today. Lucky the convenience stores are all open no matter that everyone else gets the day off. I went to Natural Lawson for a number [...]
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    The snacks keep coming this week, but as we get towards the warmer weather there is a definite ‘sakura in pink’ theme starting to develop. Have you noticed packaging in the stores start to change color for the different seasons?
  • Some breads and vitamins to mix up the food at this weeks conbini. Which do you prefer, the healthy or the sweet?
  • This conbini monday falls on the 1st day of March. I can’t believe 2 months of 2010 are already gone. Another month and we will be 25% through the year. Wow!! As well as the new food and drink, there are always some old favorites [...]
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    I took a few photos of the Yokote convenience store on my recent visit to Akita-ken. The photos in the store I had on my iPhone and have shown some here. The photos outside were on my Nikon camera. The outside photos I already [...]
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    The new products are starting to roll into the convenience stores quickly again. It is surprising how many new products that are and how quickly they disappear if sales do not come straight away. I am having to snap some pictures when [...]
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    There looks to be a new promotional theme at Lawsons. Rilakkuma was missing and the popular anime “One Piece” have taken over the store. You can see in the following photos quite a few different products and tie-ups with [...]
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    It was a cold today in Tokyo today, and at night the rain turned to snow. I doubt it will settle and be there tomorrow, but it certainly made the evening colder than normal. My visit to the conbini was a late one today, due to some [...]
  • Some interesting items this week with a few combinations of different ingredients. Senbei with plum, noodles with cream stew and egg dogs.
  • Are convenience stores in your part of the world always changing their items, or do they pretty much stock the same things all year round. One of the reasons I like going to the convenience stores so much is they always have the latest [...]
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    I almost forgot it was Monday this week, with the trip to Yokohama and it being Seijin no Hi, it just didn’t feel like a typical Monday. There were plenty of people crowding into the convenience stores though, many wearing [...]
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    The Conbini Box #1 offer has been completed and the packages sent out. I took a few snaps of the process and also shot some live ustream footage. Picture seemed to go on and off when I was recording. Maybe I need to stick to the [...]
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    This weeks Conbini Monday saw me shopping for the first Conbini Box items that a number of people have ordered. Thanks for all those who put their order in. I have visited 8 conbini’s just today trying to collect all the items. I [...]
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    Some of the convenience stores in my area are planning to close over the New Year period. They are no longer making bentos until after New Year and some stock is looking very low. Are conbini’s closed in your area for the break? [...]
  • Thanks to everyone who replied saying they wanted to get a taste of Japanese convenience stores, conbini, in their own home. The poll finished up with most people wanting a US$50 box inclusive of postage. I have checked prices at the [...]
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    After a few requests from members and many nudges, I am putting together a package of tasty convenience store treats for people who are living outside of Japan. (If you live in Japan you can also receive as well). Japanese convenience [...]
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    A mixture of potato chips and drinks for this weeks conbini monday. The new flavored drinks seem to be never ending at the moment. I visited a number of different convenience stores this week including some on the highway when [...]
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