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I have lived and worked in Japan for the past twenty five years off and on. I have seen many changes and enjoyed the various paradoxes and anomalies of everyday Japanese living.

  • Kasa, June Japan

    Some lovely umbrellas are appearing in time for the rainy season in June. I loved these ideas from Amazon Japan – what do you think? Or this one ? Lovely with cherry blossom decorations spread around.

  • Kiki

    I am in Australia at the moment and have been visiting my cat, Kiki. Also, I got time to go the golf range. This is a great place to practice.

  • Narita Airport Cleaning

    I am in Australia this week and have been without internet coverage for a while. Before leaving from Narita Airport last week I came across these great robot cleaning machines named Narita-kun and Epo-chan, for Narita Airport. I should be back In Japan on Sunday night just in time for a conbini Monday.

  • Ladybirds, Tentoumushi, Ladybugs

    Do you say ladybirds? or ladybugs? Or is it tentoumushi – these slippers are really cute whatever!! I have a book to match for teaching numbers to kids in Japanese – they go down a treat!!

  • Some Books for Teaching Artwork

    Has anyone used this project book for teaching project work with recycling materials?

  • Momotaro Puppets

    Teaching Japanese fairy tales to kids? This set of puppets from the Momotaro story is a great way to liven up the class. The kids can take turns in placing the characters on the board as they appear in the story. These puppets are favourites of mine and a little bit unusual.

  • Kids Books on Culture Days

    I really liked to read about different cultural days in Japanese. I have recently ordered books on the HinaMatsuri. I am looking forward to its arrival. I am also going to get this book on Tanabata even though it is a few months away. Has anyone a good suggestion on story books that talk about […]

  • Cute Faces, White Day Japan

    White Day Japan is coming up on March 14th – this is a day that was first celebrated in 1978! It was introduced by the National Confectionary Association in Japan to try and get men to buy something for the women who gave them flowers on Valentines Day…. It has since been a day adopted […]

  • Anpan Man, aiueo

    I really like the Anpanman brand! Who would have thought it could have taken off with such intense popularity? For those who dont know, Anpanman is a series of stories written by Takashi Yanase since 1968 with the lead character, also called Anpanman. Yanase became inspired by the idea of Anpanman while struggling to survive […]

  • Sakura mochi, Japan

    This one is for sakura mochi fans! It is a wonderful addition to the bag or mobile phone. I can almost smell the sakura mochi already!! For those who are unusure about what kind of smell I am talking about – sakura mochi are sweet pink rice cakes that are covered with a leaf of […]

  • Girls Day, Boys Day, Japan

    Girls Day or Boys Day there seems to be a considerable expense involved! I looked up two classic items for these days on Amazon, Japan. This one is the 7 tier court of the Emperor and Empress. It is splendid and I am sure a lot of fun to organise. But not without a steep […]

  • Japanese Food Stories

    Have you got a favourite kids story? I really enjoy Japanese kids stories – they always seem to bring a different way of looking at things to the fore. It is great to work with the stories and help kids through new ways of thinking about things. These stories are a couple of my favourite […]

  • Meiro, Mazes, Japan

    There are some great books on mazes for kids but look through this one! This one looks like it is a maze of environmental issues. Of course if your kids are looking at the easier versions of mazes or meiro perhaps this one is better.

  • Teaching Japanese, aiueo

    Games are a great way of teaching language. This game from Kumon Education is one such product that is really helpful for teachers. The pieces are nice to touch and clear to read. It is simple but highly effective in recognition for all ages of students.

  • Soft Lighting, Japan

    I wondered what this was when I first came across it on Amazon Japan. It is a wonderful soft glowing lamp! Very elegant. What are your thoughts?

  • Western Architecture, Japan

    I am thrilled to find some models of Western influenced Japanese architecture on Amazon Japan. This model is wonderful – a replica of the Sapporo Clock Building. I wrote about western inspired buildings today on Kimonobox. I recently visited the Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama. I must look and see if there is a replica […]

  • Kanji Quiz Toilet Paper

    Do you have have a passion to learn kanji on the toilet? What a strange question – but this item from Amazon makes me wonder if people do have this interest! The mind boggles!! Perhaps the quiz works and those studying Japanese find this a top class way of excelling in their language development. Who […]

  • Japanese Buildings

    These building replicas look interesting. I wonder what you would use them for other than decoration? Could you use them for architecture study in a classroom situation? Perhaps. They are certainly a fabulous find on Amazon Japan. Do you have a favourite building? Click through on the photos to see more replica buildings from Amazon […]

  • Hina Dolls, Japan

    Have you got a favourite doll? I love the Japanese Hina doll set. What is your favourite doll? This one is great because it has a small drawer to keep your treasures in.

  • Rilakkuma Cafe

    Cute !! Another great gift idea if you are keen on Rilakkuma!! My kids are a huge fan of all Rilakkuma gear. What about you ? Do you like Rilakkuma bear? Have you ever bought a birthday cup? Rilakkuma has a great range! Take a look at these ideas from Rilakkuma.

  • Mad Hatter Figure

    Have you seen the new Alice In Wonderland film? This figure will be released shortly and I feel is a real credit to the recent production as well as the original characterisation of the Hatter by Lewis Carol. Which character in Alice in Wonderland is your favourite? Do you like collecting figures? I think this […]

  • One Piece Chopper

    One Piece Chopper from the series ONE PIECE a long running manga series is a popular character. But I am trying to work out from the picture and writing what is so special about this one? Has anyone bought this item? Can you let me know what is so special to justfy the price? Click […]

  • Electric Hybrid Eco Bicycle

    I am pondering over whether to go for an electric hybrid bike or not? This means it has a self-charge function that works while it is being ridden. It is part of the Sanyo “Gaia” be good to, or co-existence with the Earth philosophy. Has anyone else got one of these bikes? Your thoughts … […]

  • Royce Chocolate, Japan

    For all those Royce chocolate lovers …. it is available on Amazon Japan You can buy Royce in a set with wafers, potato chips and nama chocolate included in the purchase. Sounds great. Are you a Royce Chocolate fan? I think this is wonderful value …. 4 boxes of Royce variety for 2,930 yen. Click […]

  • Silicon Oven Gloves

    I purchased some silicon oven gloves over New Year and they have been brilliant! I am planning to buy some more to give to my sister for her birthday – so if she reads this part of the blog …. the secret is out! Has anyone else had experience with them? I haven’t changed a […]

  • Vending Machine Proposal

    This is cool. Your very own vending machine selling Coca-Cola!! This could be a very original gift or even necessary buy item to furnish the family room perhaps!? I wonder how many people enjoy this luxury? Japanese vending machines are a lot of fun and you can find a range of things for sale. Try […]

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