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  • In the Garden

    This is not my garden of course, but there are some nice flowers around as I took a look at one of the university gardens study areas.

  • Snow on the Kamogawa

    Snow snow snow snow snow

  • Xmas Lights in Botanical Gardens

    I went to take a look at some of the Christmas lights in the Botanical Gardens

  • Kitano Tenmangu

    Kitano Tenmangu is well known as a shrine dedicated to Sugawara Michizane, a scholar and politician who was exiled unfairly by his political rivals many years ago. He is associated with Tenjin, the god of literature or calligraphy and many students come to wish for good fortune in their upcoming exams. Dazaifu Tenmangu in Fukuoka which i visited previously is built over the grave of Sugawara Michizane.

  • Autumn Leaves on the Kamogawa

    Autumn is always a nice time of the year for taking photos. Great colors, cooler weather. Lots of action. I have had a cold recently and so haven’t been too adventurous with my choice of landscape or camera. Here are some everyday scenes when out walking in the late afternoon.

  • Jidai Matsuri

    The Jidai Matsuri event is taking place again right now in Kyoto. The weather seems to have dipped a bit and is providing some rain today. Not too bad but a lot of umbrellas were on show. Always nice to see these festivals and events from a long time ago still survive and have meaning […]

  • City Hall Robots

    Looks what’s hanging out near City Hall I got a tip from @taro3yen about this after I posted it on Twitter @shibuya246 The Torayan baby-bot returns to Kyoto City Hall after a triumphant galactic tour! — taro3yen (@taro3yen) October 17, 2014

  • Photography in Japan 1853-1912

    I was asked recently whether I would like to introduce a book detailing the history of Japanese photography from the period 1853-1912. The book is a recent publication by Tuttle Publishing which gives quite an in depth and amazing look into both the photography at the time and also the photographers behind the scenes. As […]

  • Biwako Wind

    An afternoon out feeling the breeze at Lake Biwako

  • Summertime in Kyoto

    Walking down the banks of the Kamogawa in summer is always a nice way to cool down. Sitting up on the wooden decks with a cool drink in your hand is another good way.

  • Mountain Trail

    Heading up the trail on Mount Kongou in Osaka

  • Spring Weather

    Such great weather out today. It was nice to see the temperature reach 20 degrees and enjoy the sunshine.

  • Kurashiki

    Kurashiki in Okayama-ken was developed as a river port in the 1920’s. It is famous for the Ohara Museum of Art (the first Western art gallery in Japan), the Ohara Spinning Mill and its plentiful old buildings which still remain in the area.

  • Amanohashidate in the rain

    Amanohashidate is known as one of the 3 great scenery spots in Japan. It is a sandbar stretching about 3 kilometres covered pine trees.

  • Hatake Sunset

    A quick glimpse of the fields as the sun starts to set

  • Snow on Hieizan

    I went for a drive late in the day and caught some snow on Mt Hiei about half way up.

  • Carlton Ritz Hotel Kyoto

    The new Carlton Ritz Hotel in Kyoto, on the banks of the Kamogawa River near Nijo, will open soon. Looks like they will enjoy some nice views.

  • Myoshinji Autumn Colors

    A quiet walk through the grounds of Myoshinji Temple in Kyoto looking at the Autumn colors.

  • Autumn Kyoto

    Autumn colors on the street in Kyoto

  • Kamogawa Walking

    As summer cools off and the Autumn breezes arrive, it’s nice to take a weekend walk down the banks of the Kamogawa River.

  • Zazen Meditation at Myoshinji

    Myoshinji Temple is in the Hanazono quarter in Kyoto. It is a wonderful complex of temples where you can enjoy strolling through the old pathways and imagine you are back in time. A number of the temples have gardens open for public display and some offer zazen sessions for the public also.

  • Kyoto After Typhoon

    The recent typhoon that is passing over Japan caused the Kamogawa River in Kyoto to overflow slightly during the night. I took these photos in the morning after. The river is still flowing fast and is over its banks but it doesn’t look to be getting any higher now and the rain has stopped. It certainly looks quite different to the normal peaceful river flow.

  • Ohara Golf Course, Kyoto

    Towards the end of summer I played a round of golf at Ohara Public Golf Course.

  • Kyoto Summer Sunset

    As the sun sets to the west in Kyoto another summers day comes to an end. A little bit more of a cooler breeze out tonight. Thinking of some cooler days coming soon

  • Daimonji Gozan Okuribi Bonfires

    On August 16th each year the traditional Gozan no Okuribi 五山送り火 bonfires are lit on the mountain side around Kyoto. This is part of the obon festival. There are five bonfires in total. I managed to capture a few of them this year.

  • Kyoto Station Sunset

    As the summer months get warmer the sunsets in Kyoto hot up as well. I took a few shots from the top of the Kyoto Station building with the Sony NEX7 camera.

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