January 2010

  • Japanese Food
    I found this amazing cake on Amazon! It looks so good to eat … but it is not for [...]
  • Gotenyama Walk
    After being delayed by the Yamanote Line stopping last week, after the Shibuya Streets photo [...]
  • Hotel New Grand, Yokohama
    On my recent trip to Yokohama, we stayed at the New Grand Hotel, opposite Yamashita Koen. We [...]
  • Charms
    The number of charms in Japan is amazing. Some many of the these charms are placed on bags [...]
  • Showa Drawings
    Came across these wonderful drawings in a small museum in Yokohama that depicted the Showa era [...]
  • JAL Gear
    I had to look up JAL toys today with the story hot in the press that JAL is bankrupt. Some of [...]
  • Japan Airlines Bankrupt
    “Japan Airlines Bankrupt” was the headline news today as JAL entered the Japanese [...]
  • Shibuya Streets Vol8
    After the weather changing from very cold, to pleasantly warm (at least when not in the shade), [...]
  • Conbini Monday Wk37
    Are convenience stores in your part of the world always changing their items, or do they pretty [...]
  • Yokohama Night View
    On the last night of my trip to Yokohama I decided to brave the cold and take some pictures of [...]
  • Museum Boy
    I took this shot at the Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum in Yokohama. I have more [...]
  • JR Convenience Stores
    Looks like 7-Eleven have realized that NEWDAYS, the Japan Railway in-station convenience stores [...]
  • Kihachi Lunch at Haneda Airport
    Was having lunch at Haneda Airport today and took some photos of the Kihachi restaurant where [...]
  • Yokohama View
    The Landmark Tower in Yokohama gives a great view of the whole City. It is the tallest building [...]
  • Maxell Crystal Earphones
    These crystal earphones look like the ideal fashion accessory. If you are still stuck for a [...]
  • Kitty
    Amazon Japan
  • Anpanman Museum
    Had a great day at the Anpanman Children's Museum with my sisters children. The museum is near [...]
  • Conbini Monday Wk36
    I almost forgot it was Monday this week, with the trip to Yokohama and it being Seijin no Hi, [...]
  • Making Japanese Dolls
    There was an interesting display at the Yokohama Doll Museum showing how to make Japanese [...]
  • Karakuri Ningyou
  • Chirimen
    Chirimen is a traditional Japanese weaving technique that was first developed about 500 years [...]
  • Osechi Oshougatsu
  • Japan Characters
    Went shopping today at Yokohama and only had my iphone with me. Here are a few shots from some [...]
  • Kumon Step 1
    The educational company Kumon does a wonderful set of puzzles for kids. It starts with step one [...]
  • Map Puzzle, Japan
  • Japan Post
    The Conbini Box #1 offer has been completed and the packages sent out. I took a few snaps of [...]
  • Shinjuku skyline
    I took some photos from the Excel Hotel in Shibuya and had a go at pasting them together to [...]
  • Japan Hamburgers
    With Wendys leaving Japan, at least for the moment, McDonalds is not letting up its campaign to [...]
  • Japan’s Manga Guide
    I haven’t seen this before. It was published in 2007. It sounds interesting with the main [...]
  • RSS Feed, Full or Partial
    I have had some email feedback that the RSS feed is getting too big and people are having [...]
  • Rilakkuma 2010
    Forgot to post this on Monday. When I was at the Rilakkuma store I spotted this New Year [...]
  • Tokyo Station Kimono
    There are some great shops at Tokyo Station. I showed you some photos from a few of the stores [...]
  • Pachinko Store
    Pachinko stores are popular all year round in Japan. At New Year many of the stores give gifts [...]
  • Japan for Kids
    Excellent guidebook for those with children in Japan. Have you taken a look at this? Lots of [...]
  • Conbini Monday Wk35
    This weeks Conbini Monday saw me shopping for the first Conbini Box items that a number of [...]
  • Hello Kitty TV
    How cool is this!! It is her otoshidama so I think it is a fine choice! Amazon Japan
  • Miki House Gift
  • Favorite Photos of 2009
    I have picked my favorite photos that I took in 2009. It took a while to go through the many [...]
  • Japan Birds
    It has been a busy day making some changes on the Site. I have photos to upload from my walk [...]
  • Bean Fun
    This is one of my favourite picks on Amazon Japan. Have you tried one of these before? Great [...]
  • Japan Park Dance
    I came across their dance scene in Yoyogi Park when out for a walk on New Years Day. It looked [...]
  • Toilet Paper for New Year
    Is this amazing at Amazon Japan or what? The kids are laughing at my suggestions here —- [...]

December 2009

  • Nihongo De Asobo
    I came across these karuta today. They look like they might be useful for teachers of Japanese. [...]
  • Hiragana Cards
    These hiragana cards look great for teaching. amazon Japan
  • Parco Can Campaign
    I have been busy working on the Site today and have almost finished the code so that you get [...]
  • Quiksilver Japan
    Caught a few shots of this promotional vehicle for the Quiksilver Roxy store in Harajuku the [...]
  • Oshougatsu Kazari
    Beautiful! Amazon Japan has this gold decoration to stop the bad things happening in the new [...]
  • Tokyo Night Driving Live
    My friend starting using Ustream from his iPhone recently and recorded this drive on the [...]
  • Conbini Monday Wk34
    Some of the convenience stores in my area are planning to close over the New Year period. They [...]
  • Conbini Box 1
    Thanks to everyone who replied saying they wanted to get a taste of Japanese convenience [...]

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