February 2010

  • Google Buzz
    I was talking with a friend the other day and saying that Google was missing out on the SNS [...]
  • Mad Hatter Figure
    Have you seen the new Alice In Wonderland film? This figure will be released shortly and I feel [...]
  • Japan My Figure Boom
    Recently, a number of couples getting married have been ordering original Figures to be made in [...]
  • Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Gardens
    A few weeks ago I went to a meeting near Shinagawa at the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa. The [...]
  • One Piece Chopper
    One Piece Chopper from the series ONE PIECE a long running manga series is a popular character. [...]
  • One Piece Characters
    Following up on yesterday’s Conbini Monday article which showed a number of One Piece, I [...]
  • Electric Hybrid Eco Bicycle
    I am pondering over whether to go for an electric hybrid bike or not? This means it has a [...]
  • Conbini Monday Wk40
    There looks to be a new promotional theme at Lawsons. Rilakkuma was missing and the popular [...]
  • Japan Sunset
    On the way back from IKEA to buy a bookcase for my room, I took these photos from the window of [...]
  • Royce Chocolate, Japan
    For all those Royce chocolate lovers …. it is available on Amazon Japan You can buy Royce [...]
  • Japan Photo Videos
    Recently, I have been looking at a way I can show more of photos of Japan as videos for those [...]
  • Japan Public Sleeping
    Japanese train travelers often find themselves with a 30 minute or longer train ride where they [...]
  • Silicon Oven Gloves
    I purchased some silicon oven gloves over New Year and they have been brilliant! I am planning [...]
  • Vending Machine Proposal
    This is cool. Your very own vending machine selling Coca-Cola!! This could be a very original [...]
  • Tokyo Business
    A lot of people ask me how they can establish their business in Tokyo. Some of those companies [...]
  • usb Hello Kitty
    What is in the box? Answer – It is a wonderful gift idea from Hello Kitty …. [...]
  • Irori Restaurant at Home
    Perhaps you have enjoyed the irori at a Japanese restaurant before and not realised the [...]
  • Shibuya Streets Vol 10
    After the snow the night before, I went out in Shibuya and took some photos yesterday. The town [...]
  • Rilakkuma Plush – French
    I saw on a website recently that a French outfit version of Rilakkuma plush was going to be [...]
  • Best 4 Japanese Money Boxes
    Savings, Piggy banks, Chokin, money boxes …. they are all a great way to help teach your [...]
  • Kimura Kaela – 5 years
    Kimura Kaela has a new album out tomorrow and the posters are already up in Shibuya to promote [...]
  • Tokyo Snow
    It doesn’t snow in Tokyo very often during the year, maybe once or twice. When it does [...]
  • Conbini Monday Wk39
    It was a cold today in Tokyo today, and at night the rain turned to snow. I doubt it will [...]

January 2010

  • JR Suica Ticket Machine
    JR are changing over some of their ticket machines to this new version. At Shinagawa Station, [...]
  • Japanese Koto, Amazon
    The koto is an instrument that I love. I was first introduced to it in 1985 as an exchange [...]
  • Akita Bisaikan
    Akita Prefecture have set up antenna shops around Japan to help promote the beauty and charm of [...]
  • Easy way to Potty Train?
    This contraption available on Amazon is a portable toilet with a remote control to train [...]
  • Tokyo Day, London
    I just found out that London is hosting an event called “Tokyo Day” this weekend. [...]
  • 27% Saving on Louis Vuitton, Japan
    Well according to the blurb on Amazon, you can save 27% if you buy online! This is one serious [...]
  • Medical Human Body, Amazon
    You might think that this is an unusual post on Amazon Japan goods….. but it is very [...]
  • Mitsubishi Museum, Minato Mirai
    On a recent trip to Yokohama my family and I visited the Mitsubishi Industrial Museum at Minato [...]
  • Hello Kitty Golf
    Are you a serious Hello Kitty Golf Gear fan? I found this Hello Kitty golf bag on Amazon this [...]
  • Shibuya Streets Vol 9
    It wasn’t as sunny this afternoon and so was a good chance to take a look at Shibuya in a [...]
  • Lifesize Gundam, Hyper Hybrid
    Do you remember the huge 1/1 Gundam RX78 that stood in Odaiba, Tokyo in late summer 2009? It [...]
  • Japan Supermarket Dinner
    I am running late for my dinner and just made it to the supermarket before they shut. If you [...]
  • Do you have a One Piece Hat?
    This is one popular hat in our house! Have you got a one piece hat? You might have known I [...]
  • Top Ten Kimono, Amazon
    The recent holiday for Coming of Age Day in Japan revived my love and interest in the kimono. [...]
  • Pokkuri Platform Shoes, Japan
    Have you ever wanted to own your own Pokkuri shoes? The pokkuri shoes are traditional wooden [...]
  • Kimono Bags
    Beautiful, beautiful kimono bags …. my love of kimono and various ‘kimono inspired [...]
  • Conbinbi Monday Wk38
    Some interesting items this week with a few combinations of different ingredients. Senbei with [...]
  • Tokyo Photo Walk 2
    It was a great sunny day on “Sunday” with blue skies in Tokyo and I decided to take [...]
  • Shiroi Koibito are on Amazon!
    These biscuits are my all-time favourites. They are just right – light wafers with white [...]
  • $1000 Cards
    The karuta cards in Japan are typically seen a symbolic part of New Year. There are [...]
  • Pinocchio Dals
    I recently went back to Tokyo Disneyland. I love the atmosphere and it makes for an easy day [...]
  • Tokyo Weather
    Wonderful weather in Tokyo today. The sun was out, the sky was blue and the wind was only [...]
  • Oni wa Soto
    Setsubun is approaching very soon. In Japan, the festival Setsubun is celebrated on February 3. [...]
  • Hula Skirts, Dance
    The Hawaiian dancing boom is still going strong in Japan. (The town of Obama, even welcomed the [...]
  • Winter Craft Projects for Kids
    Do your kids enjoy craft projects? My kids have always enjoyed these kinds of books that you [...]
  • Shibuya Bar
    Went to dinner tonight at a place very close to the Scramble Crossing, just in front of Shibuya [...]
  • Momoko Dolls
    Has anyone tried collecting Momoko Dolls? Momoko was created in 2001. It was considered a small [...]

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