March 2010

  • Food in Japan
    There are so many great foods in Japan to choose from. At close proximity you can find French, [...]
  • Yamanote Line automatic doors
    The Yamanote Line auto doors are due to start operation soon. I wrote a few weeks ago about the [...]
  • 500 Yen Lunch
    1,000 Yen lunches used to be the benchmark for office workers to seek out in order to budget [...]
  • Kids Books on Culture Days
    I really liked to read about different cultural days in Japanese. I have recently ordered books [...]
  • Conbini Monday Wk46
    Lots of goodies for todays conbini monday. I almost forgot about it, since it is a holiday in [...]
  • EggsnThings Japan
    Eggs’nThings Japan has opened its first store in Harajuku and is already proving popular. [...]
  • Japan Smoking House
    There was a fire drill at some office buildings in Shinagawa today. As I was passing, I noticed [...]
  • Conbini Monday Wk45
    The snacks keep coming this week, but as we get towards the warmer weather there is a definite [...]
  • Bonden Festival, Akita
    The Bonden Festival is held in various parts of Akita-ken. I attended this one in Yokote City. [...]
  • Japanese Ramen
    On my trip to Akita-ken I captured this guy sitting in the middle of the road with the matsuri [...]
  • Yamanote Line Automatic gates
    The Yamanote Line is going to have automatic gates installed on all its platforms over the next [...]
  • Conbini Monday Wk44
    Some breads and vitamins to mix up the food at this weeks conbini. Which do you prefer, the [...]
  • Yamate Tunnel Walk
    The Yamate Tunnel is due to open at the end of March 2010, helping to provide a second circular [...]
  • Cute Faces, White Day Japan
    White Day Japan is coming up on March 14th – this is a day that was first celebrated in [...]
  • Anpan Man, aiueo
    I really like the Anpanman brand! Who would have thought it could have taken off with such [...]
  • Japan Trains
    Japan has some great trains. Living in Tokyo and traveling on the Yamanote Line everyday it is [...]
  • Japan Profiles
    Just got tweeted about these great images that LifeYouTv has created with photoshop and [...]
  • Matsushima, Sendai
    Last year I took a trip to Sendai and visited Matsushima which is said to be one of Japan’s [...]
  • Tokyo Videos
    Shibuya Faces Part II from eleven23 on Vimeo. Short film shot in Shibuya on November 5th 2009 [...]
  • Rilakkuma Pudding
    I had to go to the Tokyo Station Rilakkuma Store today and ended up buying these custard [...]
  • Sakura mochi, Japan
    This one is for sakura mochi fans! It is a wonderful addition to the bag or mobile phone. I can [...]
  • Girls Day, Boys Day, Japan
    Girls Day or Boys Day there seems to be a considerable expense involved! I looked up two [...]
  • Conbini Monday Wk43
    This conbini monday falls on the 1st day of March. I can’t believe 2 months of 2010 are [...]
  • Portable Audio Device: Zoom H4n
    If you’re shooting with the new crop of Digital SLR cameras then, like me, you’re [...]

February 2010

  • Hot Ginger drink
    Right now I have a cold so my best friend, apart from Rilakkuma, is ginger. I like to have a [...]
  • Japanese Food Stories
    Have you got a favourite kids story? I really enjoy Japanese kids stories – they always [...]
  • Meiro, Mazes, Japan
    There are some great books on mazes for kids but look through this one! This one looks like it [...]
  • Teaching Japanese, aiueo
    Games are a great way of teaching language. This game from Kumon Education is one such product [...]
  • Soft Lighting, Japan
    I wondered what this was when I first came across it on Amazon Japan. It is a wonderful soft [...]
  • Hina Matsuri Cake
    Saw this delicious looking Hina Matsuri cake for sale at Buzzsearch Shinagawa. The price was [...]
  • Tsutaya Rental
    Tsutaya is the largest rental DVD, CD, Game and book store in Japan. With over 1,000 stores and [...]
  • Tokyo.JapanTimes Launch
    The launch party for the new Site was on tonight at Roppongi Hills. Lots [...]
  • Western Architecture, Japan
    I am thrilled to find some models of Western influenced Japanese architecture on Amazon Japan. [...]
  • Hard Disk failure
    I upgrade to Windows 7 a week ago and everything seemed to be going fine. I normally [...]
  • Kanji Quiz Toilet Paper
    Do you have have a passion to learn kanji on the toilet? What a strange question – but [...]
  • Japanese Buildings
    These building replicas look interesting. I wonder what you would use them for other than [...]
  • Conbini Monday Wk42
    I took a few photos of the Yokote convenience store on my recent visit to Akita-ken. The photos [...]
  • Akita Shinkansen
    From my recent trip to Yokote in Akita ken, I took some photos of the Akita Shinkansen leaving [...]
  • Yokote Yakisoba
    On my recent trip to Yokote I tried the local delicacy of Yokote Yakisoba. It is yakisoba with [...]
  • Hina Dolls, Japan
    Have you got a favourite doll? I love the Japanese Hina doll set. What is your favourite doll? [...]
  • Rilakkuma Cafe
    Cute !! Another great gift idea if you are keen on Rilakkuma!! My kids are a huge fan of all [...]
  • Rilakkuma iPhone case
    After a trip to the Tokyo Station Rilakkuma Store I now have a hard case cover for my iPhone [...]
  • Rilakkuma Store Visit
    I went to the Rilakkuma Store at Tokyo Station again yesterday. This time I was in search of a [...]
  • meiji chocosk
    Saw this great form of advertising at Tokyo Station for meiji chocolate. The whole kiosk is [...]
  • Doll Festival
    I was at Ryogoku Station, where the Sumo is held in Tokyo, to visit the offices of a friendly [...]
  • Kamakura Snow Festival, Yokote
    I visted Yokote, Akita-Ken, for the recent Kamakura Snow Festival. The Kamakura tradition dates [...]
  • Japan Snow Train
    Just got back from my one night trip to Yokote where they were holding the annual Kamakura and [...]
  • Conbini Monday Wk41
    The new products are starting to roll into the convenience stores quickly again. It is [...]
  • Shibuya Streets Vol 11
    It is Valentines Day today and as always in Japan it is predominantly the women giving [...]
  • CGM Night, Akihabara
    CGM Night was on last night at the Akiba:F Blood Bank. The CGM, Consumer Generated Marketing, [...]

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