October 2010

  • Japanese Food
    On my recent trip to Shikoku I had some wonderful food, particularly produce from the [...]
  • Otsuka International Art Museum
    Ostuka Pharmaceutical have built a wonderful art museum in Naruto which holds over 1,000 pieces [...]
  • Myoto Camphor Tree
    When I was traveling around Shikoku I came across this great Camphor tree that is over 900 [...]
  • Kobe Figure Taxi
    On my recent trip to Shikoku, I stopped in Kobe on the last night having driven over [...]
  • Mt Bizan, Tokushima
    Mount Bizan is very close to the center of Tokushima. You can ride the Bizan ropeway up part of [...]
  • Seto Ohashi Bridge
    I traveled to Shikoku recently, catching the Shinkansen to Okayama and then the train to [...]
  • Conbini Monday Wk61
    With the Site down until yesterday due to hackers getting in and drinking all the beer, I have [...]
  • Shikoku Sunset
    The shibuya246 has been down for a few days and I have only just managed to get it back up. The [...]

September 2010

  • Conbini Monday Wk60
    A couple of items from a Natural Lawson for this week with lots of Sake thrown in for fun. It [...]
  • Tokyo Weekend
    The weather has cooled down and this weekend was really nice, even though we had some stiff [...]
  • Maneki Neko
    You will often see many stores have a Fortune Cat (Maneki Neko) outside or near the entrance [...]
  • Origami
    Sometimes the simple things are the best. These 2 origami cranes I captured a while ago whilst [...]
  • Meguro River
    I have been going to the gym in Meguro recently and walk past Meguro River often. Normally it [...]
  • Shibuya Fesitval, Konnou Hachimangu
    The Konnou Hachimangu Shrine in Shibuya dates back to 1092. This weekend there was a festival [...]
  • Nagoya Station
    I visited Nagoya a while ago and traveled to Ise Jingu on the train. My stay in Nagoya was [...]
  • Japan Sunset
    Late afternoon provides a nice backdrop for coastal roads and the expanse of water beyond them. [...]
  • Night Golf, Chiba
    Before the heat of the summer arrived, I went out for a game of night golf in Chiba with some [...]
  • Seijogakuenmae
    Seijogakuenmae (Seijo) is a family orientated station on the Odakyu Line, running to Shinjuku. [...]
  • 止まれ, Stop Signs
    Walking around Seijogakuenmae 成城学園前 on the weekend, I took some pictures of the area and also [...]
  • Jishu Shrine, Kyoto
    Jishu Shrine is located in the Kiyomizu Temple area of Kyoto. It is a Shrine for those praying [...]
  • Conbini Monday Wk59
    Lots of chocolate on offer right now at the local conbini. The summer melting weather must [...]
  • Cataratas Bar
    Up until about 2 months ago I had never really appreciated the taste of beer. Thinking it was [...]
  • Shimokitazawa
    Shimokitazawa is a popular area on the Odakyu and Inokashira Lines. On the weekend, the narrow [...]
  • Japan Railway Tracks
  • Conbini Monday Wk58
    It has been quite a few weeks since the last Conbini Monday. Looks like some of you have been [...]
  • Japanese Cats
    I almost missed this photo as I walked straight by a cafe in Shimokitazawa on the weekend and [...]
  • Yobuko, Live Squid
    Yobuko in Sagaken is a well known harbor town famous for its fresh squid. Many tourists come [...]
  • Okayama Station
    I took a few snap shots around Okayama Station when I was visiting recently. Looking back on [...]

August 2010

  • Okayama, Korakuen
    Okayama's Korakuen has been in existence since the Edo Period and has entertained many [...]
  • Doraemon in Tsukushima
    Saw this Doraemon character when I was out eating okonomiyaki a while ago. Would have liked to [...]
  • Izumo Soba
    When visiting Izumo Taisha I tried the well known Izumo Soba. It was a little dry but otherwise [...]
  • Konan in Miyajima
    Konan, the detective was out in Okayama and Miyajima, when I visited, welcoming people and [...]
  • Rilakkuma in Hiroshima
    While I was traveling in Hiroshima the other week I found this souvenir in a gift shop. Looks [...]
  • Fukuoka Yatai
    On a hot summer night in August while visiting Fukuoka, I took a walk to find some ramen. There [...]
  • Ise Jingu, Naiku
    Ise Jingu is made up of a large number of sites around Ise. The most well known are the Gekku [...]
  • Anpanman Train
    Snapped this shot from the train window the other day, showing an Anpanman train.
  • Hiroshima Genbaku Dome
    Hiroshima Genbaku Dome, the well known scene of the destruction caused by the first Atomic bomb [...]
  • Tonari no Totoro
    Ran across this Totoro in Dazaifu, Fukuoka while out looking at nature.
  • Kachidoki Bashi
    The night view of Tokyo is always quite colorful in a tasteful way. There is neon, but its not [...]
  • Digital Vending Machine, Tokyo
    I came across this new vending machine at the station. It looks like its modeled on a big [...]
  • Midtown Water Works
    Midtown Water Works at Roppongi is a show that has been put on for the summer months, starting [...]
  • Summer Matsuri
    Summer is a time of festivals in Japan and also the time of Obon. I took these photos at a [...]
  • Tokyo Daijingu
    Tokyo Daijingu is located near Iidabashi Station in Tokyo. The Shrine is descended from the [...]
  • Japan Travels
    I have been traveling locally in Japan recently, in Nagoya, Kobe, Okayama and Hiroshima, [...]
  • Shibuya Mural
    There are many statues and art work displays at the stations in Japan. This mural is located in [...]

July 2010

  • Yoyogi
    I took a trip out to Yoyogi on the weekend to capture some photos of this area which is located [...]
  • Capsule Inn, Shibuya
    Capsule Inns or hotels are well known in Japan for providing a place to stay the night at low [...]
  • Ryoanji Temple
    There are 2 sets of gardens at Ryoanji Temple, the dry rock garden and the wet gardens. There [...]
  • World Cup, Spain
    This restaurant in Shibuya, Spain-zaka is celebrating the win!
  • Hawaii Style Lunch
    I was thinking of Hawaii at lunch time and decided to grab lunch at Kimuraya in the Ginza. They [...]

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