October 2012

  • Autumn City
    The weather has been beautiful recently with blue skies and fresh air breezes. The leaves are [...]
  • Lunch Out
    A nice lunch out with plenty of healthy dishes to choose from at this organic restaurant in Kyoto
  • Kamogawa River Jumping
    I showed a photo a few weeks back of a child jumping the stones on the Kamogawa River in the [...]
  • Kyoto Streets
    Just a regular snap of a regular street, but somehow mistakenly Japan. What are the things that [...]
  • Shimogamo Shrine
    Shimogamo Shrine is one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan. Located in Kyoto next to the [...]

September 2012

  • Evening Streets
    I missed catching the setting sun but was able to just get a glimpse of the reflection as it [...]
  • Shinagawa Station – Morning Rush
    My morning meeting gave me a birds eye view of the rush hour traffic at Shinagawa Station a few [...]
  • City Contrasts
    In a modern city it is always interesting to see how the older style architecture and culture [...]

August 2012

  • Visiting Shibuya: Tokyoite Favourite!
    Shibuya is perhaps most famous as the iconic image of the crazy Japanese road crossings, a [...]
  • Japan Cute Bag – Sasicco
    Inspired by a desire to keep modern urbanites in touch with their tradition, this handsome tote [...]
  • Kamogawa Evening Walk
    Heading North this evening from the City I walked up to KitaOji Bridge. The northern reaches of [...]
  • Autumn Season Change
    As the breeze starts to get cooler in the middle of the day as well as late in the evening, [...]
  • Summer Breeze
    It’s getting a little cooler recently thanks to some gentle breezes blowing through. [...]
  • Kyoto Tanabata Festival
    There is a special Kyoto Tanabata festival being held on the Horikawa and Kamogawa rivers. I [...]
  • Summer Cool, Izumo Taisha
    How do you cool down in the summer? One idea is to visit some temples, take in the cool shade [...]
  • Tokyo View
    Its a fine day in the city. This photo was taken before the earthquake in Tohoku. You can see [...]
  • Summer heat
    It is hot in Japan at the moment. Summer can be a time to head for the beach or try to find [...]

July 2012

  • Mt Fuji Sunrise
    I was lucky enough to have a game of golf near Mt Fuji some years ago, and today I could go [...]
  • Dreamton Village, Kameoka
    I recently visited the English themed restaurant and surrounds called Dreamton Village by its [...]
  • Deep Blue Sunset, Kamogawa
    It was a magnificent sunset the other day on the Kamogawa River. Here you can see the full [...]
  • Gion Matsuri
    One of the most important festivals of the year, and one that takes over the city of Kyoto for [...]
  • Flowers on Mount Hiei
    You can see more about Mount Hiei here
  • Mount Hiei
    This is a view of the mountain in the morning that I went up the other day, Mount Hiei
  • Kyoto City Hall – Electric Sunrise
    I got up early today for some reason and was surprised to see a wonderful pink sky outside the [...]
  • Ropeway, Cable car on Mount Hiei
    Following on from the earlier post, I wanted to show a few shots of the ropeway car that took [...]
  • Mount Hieizan, Sunset
    I took a spur of the moment trip up Mount Hieizan to see if I could find any good late evening [...]
  • Teramachi dori
    Teramachi dori is one of the older well known streets in Kyoto. Its current image is one of a [...]
  • Summer dining on Kamogawa
    Summer along the Kamogawa river in Kyoto is always busy. The Gion festival with its various [...]
  • Kyoto Station View
    Looking back down towards Kyoto Station from the main road You can see another photo I took [...]
  • Kamogawa Sunset
    We are into the rainy season now, but towards the end of the day it can suddenly fine up and [...]
  • Peaceful Nanzenji
    Taking photos at Nanzenji with the Aqueduct in the background
  • Warabi Mochi, Kitsune Udon
    There are so many different types of foods you can find at these casual drop in food places. [...]
  • Sanmon at Nanzenji
    Standing at the base of the Sanmon at Nanzenji Temple admiring the color and grain of the wood [...]

June 2012

  • Japan Highways
    Transportation in Japan is known for generally being on time, clean and smooth. The highways [...]
  • View from Shizuoka
    Sometimes you just have to sit back and take in the view as you are traveling by
  • Tokyo Station Shinkansen
    I have been traveling a bit for work recently. It is always nice to arrive at the station for [...]
  • Aqueduct at Nanzenji Temple
    The aqueduct seen here brings water down from Lake Biwa and was constructed during the Meiji [...]
  • Kiyamachi Dori
    Kiyamachi Dori in Kyoto is one of the well known streets in Kyoto city. The Takase river which [...]
  • Walking through Kyoto
    Kyoto is a great place to walk since the center of town is quite flat, the roads are built on a [...]
  • Kinkakuji
    Yesterday I visited Kinkakuji after the rain from the typhoon. The pond was a bit murky, but [...]
  • Kawaramachi dori
  • Isetan at Kyoto Station
    Taking a look down the long escalators in the Isetan building at Kyoto Station. This is the [...]
  • Aoi Matsuri
    The Aoi Matsuri is one of the three main festivals held in Kyoto each year in addition to the [...]
  • Hikarie shopping
    Taking a look inside the new Hikarie building in Shibuya. I’m attempting this post from [...]
  • Aoi Matsuri
    The Aoi Matsuri is one of the three main festivals held in Kyoto each year in addition to the [...]
  • Japan Rails
    Thinking about the next train to catch

May 2012

  • Osaka’s Umeda Sky Building
    The Umeda Sky Building is one of the well known landmarks on Osaka's city skyline. The building [...]
  • Nata Tera Temple
    Nata tera Temple was founded in the first year of the Nara Period, 717. It is well known for [...]
  • Ninnaji Temple
    Ninnaji (仁和寺) is a temple in Kyoto listed as a World Heritage Site. It is the head temple of [...]

April 2012

  • Kyoto Imperial Palace
    A leisurely walk past the Kyoto Imperial Palace (京都御所) inside the Kyoto Gyoen.

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