December 2009

  • Year of the Tiger
    Japan is celebrating the Year of the Tiger in 2010. (Chinese Zodiac) The Tiger is the 3rd sign [...]
  • Odaiba Walk
    I went for a short walk on Christmas Day to Odaiba. It was pretty busy and I didn’t take [...]
  • Otoshidama
    First of January 2010 is coming shortly. Have you got your otoshidama envelope at the ready? I [...]
  • Japanese Portraits, Nigaoe
    Hand-drawn face portraits (Nigaoe 似顔絵) or charactures are very popular in Japan. You can often [...]
  • Tokyo Midtown Park
    The Tokyo Midtown office and shopping complex in Roppongi is a great place for a Sunday [...]
  • Important Signs Puzzle
    This puzzle is a fantastic one for teaching important signs to the kids. The minimum age for [...]
  • A Rilakkuma Christmas
    Merry Christmas to all the readers of shibuya246. It has been great to talk with you all this [...]
  • Doraemon, The Game
    Merry Christmas!! Did he come? What did you get???? We have spent busy day opening presents. [...]
  • Japanese Christmas = chicken and cake
    Standard food for Japan on Christmas Eve is chicken and cake, maybe washed down with some wine. [...]
  • Japanese Christmas Eve
    In Japan, Christmas Eve is the main event for many Japanese. You see many workers hurrying out [...]
  • Cute Swatch Watch!!
    Swatch Watch Japan Japan has always fascinated me with their design on watches. I have many [...]
  • Brio, Shinkansen
    Are you a fan of the Brio trains and track? I always associated Brio with the Thomas Tank [...]
  • Gundam Shizuoka
    The 1/1 scale Gundam is going to be back on display in Shizuoka this time. You will be able to [...]
  • Kitty Violin
    I am intrigued! Does this play the traditional violin music? Is that a real bow? Has anyone [...]
  • Tokyo Midtown Illuminations
    The Christmas Illuminations have been up for a while at Tokyo Midtown. Each place lit up for [...]
  • Conbini Box
    After a few requests from members and many nudges, I am putting together a package of tasty [...]
  • Site Review
    I have been reorganizing the Site recently and adding a number of new features. [...]
  • Totoro Box
    This looks really cute! Has anyone tried one of these boxes? It looks like it is a musical box [...]
  • My Monchichi Wedding!
    Monchichi are still popular!! I adore this photo of Monchichi man and wife!! Has anyone come [...]
  • Tokyo Midtown Santa Xmas Tree
    I went to see the illuminations at Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi, and found this great Santa [...]
  • Girls Sailor Dress
    I love this design. It is such a statement! The collar looks so smart on little girls. It is [...]
  • Conbini Monday Wk33
    A mixture of potato chips and drinks for this weeks conbini monday. The new flavored drinks [...]
  • New Year Decoration
    At our house during December, we have a combination of Christmas and New Year decorations. It [...]
  • Roppongi Street Cats
    Small cats and dogs are popular pets in Japan because they are easier to accommodate in small [...]
  • Ghibli Red
    Did you know that there Ghibli describes a colour?? Amazing. Good to know if you are into [...]
  • Shibuya LEVI’S Store
    LEVI Jeans has opened a new store in Shibuya on Friday. There were lots of people out taking a [...]
  • Japan Festival Food
    There are often mini festivals on in Japan around the station area. This one was a couple of [...]
  • Thomas Tank for Toddlers
    My family has always really liked the Thomas Tank products. So I was pleased to find this toy [...]
  • Alice Movie
    While on the subject of new movies, I have seen the marketing posters up for the Alice in [...]
  • Kingdom Hearts Avatar
    My son went to see the Avatar movie the other day. Has anyone else seen it? What did you think? [...]
  • I want to be Sumo
    If you are invited to fancy dress parties this year and need some inspiration for a character, [...]
  • Best Toy 2009
    Is this the Best Toy for 2009 on Amazon Japan? As a family we had a lot of giggles over this [...]
  • Haneda Airport
    With Haneda Airport adding more international slots to its operation, and a new terminal [...]
  • Tokyo Parking
    Tokyo Parking I love presenting the family with a puzzle during the holiday season. Something [...]
  • Kids Cork
    Kids Educational When my kids were small, I put out lovely beech wood blocks for them to play [...]
  • My Photo on Cake
    I spoke yesterday about being amazed with the variety that Amazon Japan can offer in products. [...]
  • Pudding Face
    Well I had to release this post in quick response to the fish head post! I am in stitches [...]
  • Narita Sky Access
    Keisei Railway have announced the new name for their train running between Tokyo and Narita [...]
  • Fish Head
    After yesterday’s nostalgic Mitaka post on taiyaki filled with anko, I was directed to [...]
  • Aoyama Autumn
    A couple of weeks ago I took a walk along the road leading up to Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery [...]
  • Rock ‘n Roll Tech
    For those who love the guitar, I couldn’t resist showcasing this product on Amazon Japan [...]
  • Wooden Keyboard
    Link to Amazon Japan Do you love wood and feel that there is too much plastic in your life? I [...]
  • USB Heated Gloves
    Link to Amazon Japan. Is this product one that we could say “Only in Japan,” or [...]
  • Hot Fish Pancakes Please
    Link to Amazon Japan. When I was a student at university in the 1980’s, one of my [...]
  • Japan Key Protectors
    I picked up a Rilakkuma key protector for my apartment keys. It came in a round plastic ball [...]
  • Minnie ATM
    Link to Amazon Japan. This is really a Mini or is that Minnie ATM! Excuse the pun!! I was shown [...]
  • Kids Projects
    Link to Amazon Japan I was really pleased to hear via email from my niece in Australia the [...]
  • DS Gachapin Protector
    Click on Amazon Japan for more here. A new case for the DS or DS Lite is a great idea for the [...]
  • Conbini Monday Wk32
    If its sweets you are looking for, then this week won’t disappoint. Put your main meal [...]
  • Hot Bear Cuddle
    Click on Amazon Japan for more about this bear. Japan loves its teddy bears! This bear is a [...]

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