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November 2014

  • Kitano Tenmangu
    Kitano Tenmangu is well known as a shrine dedicated to Sugawara Michizane, a scholar and [...]
  • Autumn Leaves on the Kamogawa
    Autumn is always a nice time of the year for taking photos. Great colors, cooler weather. Lots [...]

October 2014

  • Jidai Matsuri
    The Jidai Matsuri event is taking place again right now in Kyoto. The weather seems to have [...]
  • City Hall Robots
    Looks what’s hanging out near City Hall I got a tip from @taro3yen about this after I [...]

August 2014

July 2014

  • Summertime in Kyoto
    Walking down the banks of the Kamogawa in summer is always a nice way to cool down. Sitting up [...]

May 2014

April 2014

  • Spring Weather
    Such great weather out today. It was nice to see the temperature reach 20 degrees and enjoy the [...]
  • Kurashiki
    Kurashiki in Okayama-ken was developed as a river port in the 1920's. It is famous for the [...]

March 2014

  • Amanohashidate in the rain
    Amanohashidate is known as one of the 3 great scenery spots in Japan. It is a sandbar [...]
  • Hatake Sunset
    A quick glimpse of the fields as the sun starts to set
  • Snow on Hieizan
    I went for a drive late in the day and caught some snow on Mt Hiei about half way up.

December 2013

  • Carlton Ritz Hotel Kyoto
    The new Carlton Ritz Hotel in Kyoto, on the banks of the Kamogawa River near Nijo, will open [...]

November 2013

October 2013

  • Kamogawa Walking
    As summer cools off and the Autumn breezes arrive, it’s nice to take a weekend walk down [...]
  • Zazen Meditation at Myoshinji
    Myoshinji Temple is in the Hanazono quarter in Kyoto. It is a wonderful complex of temples [...]

September 2013

  • Kyoto After Typhoon
    The recent typhoon that is passing over Japan caused the Kamogawa River in Kyoto to overflow [...]
  • Ohara Golf Course, Kyoto
    Towards the end of summer I played a round of golf at Ohara Public Golf Course.

August 2013

  • Kyoto Summer Sunset
    As the sun sets to the west in Kyoto another summers day comes to an end. A little bit more of [...]
  • Daimonji Gozan Okuribi Bonfires
    On August 16th each year the traditional Gozan no Okuribi 五山送り火 bonfires are lit on the [...]

July 2013

  • Kyoto Station Sunset
    As the summer months get warmer the sunsets in Kyoto hot up as well. I took a few shots from [...]
  • Gion Matsuri
    The Gion Matsuri is one of the 3 well known and important annual festivals in Kyoto. Spanning [...]
  • Osaka Castle
    I visited Osaka Castle a while back and enjoyed the nice walk around its gardens. The Castle [...]

May 2013

  • Mothers Day Japan
    The weather is great today. Lots of people out taking advantage of the sunny weather on Mothers [...]
  • Shirahige Jinja
    Cycling around Lake Biwa over Golden Week, I got to see some great countryside. This was one of [...]
  • Biwako Cycling
    I have been cycling around Lake Biwa in Shiga-ken for the last 3 days. The trip covered 160km [...]
  • Hikone flowers
    I took a brief visit to Hikone a few days ago. I didn’t get chance to see Hikone Castle [...]

April 2013

  • Biwako Ohashi
    Taking a look at the Biwako Ohashi bridge from Kome Plaza
  • Princess Mononoke Forest
    I went to Yakushima recently and took some photos near the beach and in the forest. Driving [...]
  • Sakura at Kyoto Incline
    The Incline at Keage in Kyoto is the old train line where barges would come down from Lake Biwa [...]
  • Moss Ocean House, Yakushima
    I stayed at Moss Ocean House on Yakushima recently for 3 days and enjoyed a combination of warm [...]
  • Yakushima Sunrise
    I took a 3 day trip to Yakushima and came back with a few nice photos. Here are some rocks on [...]

March 2013

  • Playing at the Temple
    These children were enjoying themselves at the local temple. On a warm spring day it looks like [...]
  • Plum Blossoms
    Some very nice plum blossoms our in Kyoto ahead of the more famous sakura season to follow
  • Spring Walk, Kyoto Gosho
    The Kyoto Gosho, Imperial Palace and gardens are a great spot for casual walking, playing [...]
  • Yoshida Jinja Sunset
    I took a short walk at sunset up past Kyoto University to Yoshida Jinja. You can very easily [...]

February 2013

  • Snow on Mt Fuji
    Always nice to catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji when traveling on the Shinkansen. Everyone on the [...]
  • Morning Walk in the snow
    I took a quick morning walk to catch some sun and was surprised it had started snowing. Just a [...]
  • Heron on Kamogawa
    Went for a short walk in the winter wind and spotted this heron strolling around. The birdlife [...]

January 2013

December 2012

November 2012

  • Eikando in Autumn
    Wanting to take some photos of the Autumn colors, I visited Nanzenji and Eikando at the [...]
  • Getting Cold
    It is getting cold out at the moment but Autumn is always a nice time to hit the streets and [...]
  • Tanba Park Cosmos
    I visited the Tanba Park area on the weekend and snapped a few photos of the cosmos there.

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