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Shirahige Jinja

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Shirahige Jinja

Cycling around Lake Biwa over Golden Week, I got to see some great countryside. This was one of the standout views. Shirahige Jinja with its Torii Gate in the clear waters of the lake. Lots of people around here taking photos. Great atmosphere.

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I had started my trip at from Biwako Ohashi at the southern end and worked my way anticlockwise, keeping the lake on my left as I cycled. Getting as far as Shirahige Jinja meant I didn’t have far to go until I reached my goal back at the starting point.

Shirahige Jinja
The roadway to cross to get to the Torii Gate. Quite busy at this time of year.
  1. Vinay Kumar says

    The view we get when we drive is awesome… Early mornings should be great.

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