Gion Matsuri


Gion Matsuri

One of the most important festivals of the year, and one that takes over the city of Kyoto for almost a month as the town comes together to prepare and take part. I have more photos from the parade and the preparation stage as well. Here are a few highlights for today.

Gion Matsuri

One of the floats (yamaboko) comes down Kawaramachi street

Gion Matsuri

Wonderful colors on the floats

Gion Matsuri

There are no nails used in any part of the structure. All moving along joined with just wood and rope

Gion Matsuri

Making the turn at the corner of Kawarmachi and Oike dori. Not an easy task with all of that weight to move. No steering here. Just bamboo under the wheels and a bit of muscle pulling on the ropes

Gion Matsuri

Heading down Oike dori

I will probably put up a complete set of these photos later on, which reminds me I still haven’t posted the set from Aoi Matsuri.

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