Teramachi dori


Teramachi dori

Teramachi dori is one of the older well known streets in Kyoto. Its current image is one of a covered mall stretching from Shijo dori up to Oike dori, and then open air from there up to the old Imperial Palace. It stretches further along to the river as well, but the recent well known area is basically from Shijo dori to the Palace. The undercover section has a mixture of modern clothing and traditional craft stores, whilst the section from Oike dori to the Palace has more of an artistic gallery and cafe ambience.

As the name indicates this was an area where many temples were located, and you can still see some famous ones like Honnonji Temple, Yatadera and Nishiki Tenmangu Temple, and this temple where I took a photo of the mail being delivered.

The walk up and down Teramachi dori is always pleasant and on a rainy day in Kyoto, in particular, passing time around the undercover mall areas while browsing in shops is a good way to enjoy part of the culture without getting wet.

As you walk down the undercover section, you will also cross Nishikikoji dori, known as the food kitchen of Kyoto. The long narrow arcade street will give you a great taste of Kyoto’s food culture with stores handing out samples at frequent intervals.

Bentoandco.com also has their store just off Teramachi dori and is a great place to drop in and look at some traditional and also modern style bento boxes. I bought a bento box here recently.

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